Example Setup: Fixed Notifications for Uploads and Deletions

In this example, a company shares FileCloud support folders with customers so the customers can upload help requests that are then viewed by Support. The customers are also permitted to delete requests that no longer have to be addressed.

As the admin you must set up email notifications that inform Support staff when:

  • new help requests are uploaded so they can begin processing them
  • existing help requests are deleted in case they have begun addressing them.

To prevent accidental changes to these notifications, you do not allow users to change the notification settings.

To configure these settings

These are the steps you (the admin) use to set up the notifications according to these requirements:

  1. To enable email notifications globally, in the FileCloud admin portal, go to Settings > Misc > Notifications.
  2. Make sure Enable File Change Notifications is checked; if it is not checked, Enable Email File Notifications is not available.
  3. Check Enable Email File Change Notifications.
  4. To set up the update and delete notifications for support personnel, go to Settings > Policies.
  5. Edit the policy assigned to support personnel.
  6. Click the Notifications tab.
  7. Uncheck Disable Notifications, and check Disable User Override.
  8. Scroll down so that you can view the individual Disable Notifications settings, and only leave Disable Add Notifications and Disable Delete Notifications set to No. Change the other Disable Notification settings to Yes.
  9. Save your changes.

When a customer uploads a help request

Now, when customer JM uploads a help request to the User Help Requests folder which has been shared with them (the folder is in Shared with Me) . . . 

. . .  users in support receive an email informing them that a new request file has been uploaded:

When a customer deletes a help request:

If customer JM deletes the help request file, users in support receive an email informing them that it has been deleted: