Searching in Network Folders

FileCloud will normally search Network Folders by searching the files and folders directly recursively in the operating system and it can take considerable time for large folders with many number of files.

For faster searching, you can

  • enable indexed search of network folders 
  • enable content search of the files in the network folders

Both options require that you have enabled indexing of Network Folders.

Enable Indexed search of network folders 

Realtime Index

NOTE:  Real time network Indexing must be enabled on the server before Indexed Search can be activated. See Indexing of Network Folders.

FileCloud supports indexed search for files in managed storage. Starting with 11.0, FileCloud supports indexed search for network folder to speed up search process. Enabling this function can significantly improve searching speed for indexed network folders.  By default, searching for Files in Network Folders will not use indexed search therefore the files will be searched directly on the OS which takes considerable time for large folders with large number of files. 

To enable Indexed Search in Network Folders:

  1. In the admin portal, go to Settings > Storage > Network.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Network tab, and check the Enable Indexed Search checkbox .
  3. In the navigation panel, go to Network Share.
  4. Edit each Network Folder that you want to apply indexed searching to and check Enable Indexed Search.