Network Folder Limitations

  • Offline Syncing of Network Folders: Since Network Folders are stored outside of FileCloud, offline syncing of files using the Sync app can be slower and can cause more server CPU load. If offline syncing of sync folders with more than 5,000 folders or more is needed, it is recommended to use Managed Storage.

  • Folder and File Listings can be Slower: Depending upon network connectivity to the Network Share, it can take more time to access and list Network Folders than Managed Storage. To decrease the time in the user portal, FileCloud includes a feature that caches the Network Folder listing and maintains the cache for thirty minutes. By default, this feature is enabled, but you can disable it.

    To disable caching of Network Folders:
    1. Open the configuration file:
      Windows: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
      Linux: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php

    2. Add the line:

  • Paths cannot exceed 256 characters: When using network folders on Windows, file paths cannot exceed 256 characters. 

  • Very large amounts of content in Network Folders can cause the folder listing to time out when end users view it in the user portal. The maximum size is determined by your environment's OS and resource limitations.