Team Folders

The ability to upload files by dragging and dropping them from file explorer or another application onto a Team Folder is available in FileCloud version 22.1 and later.

The ability to restore a previous version of a file in Team Folders is available in FileCloud version 18.2 and later.

As an administrator, you may be asked to manage folders that are shared to allow for collaboration among certain users or groups in your company.

  • In FileCloud, these folders are called Team Folders. 
  • Team folders provide a single place where teams in a company can store and organize files and folders.
  • Team folders are normally created by admins or authorized users and instantly made available to all members of a team.

Team Folders use managed storage and are not available for network storage. Therefore, Team Folders are created on managed storage where all files and folders under Team Folders are stored.

  • Centralized Content Management: Team Folders facilitate organizing files and folders in a centralized place.
  • Easy Provisioning of Users, Files and Folders: New users can be provisioned quickly with access to specific files and folders through Team Folders. Similarly, new files can be granted immediate access to all relevant users by uploading the file to the relevant Team Folder.
  • Granular Control of Folders: Team Folders and their sub folders can give users granular permissions such as Read, Write, Share and Sync access.
  • Manage Selective Sync: Admins can select specific Team Folders and enable or disable sync permissions on an easy to use user interface.

You can place a size limit on a Team Folder when you share it. You must share a Team Folder to give users and groups access to it. As with any shared folder, when you share a Team Folder, you can set an upload limit that applies to the total amount that can be uploaded to the folder. See Share the Team Folder and Set Permissions.

To Manage Team Folders