Terms of Service

Beginning with FileCloud Version 21.3, when Enable Privacy Settings is set to YES in their user policies, admin users are required to accept terms of service the first time they log into the admin portal.

Beginning with FileCloud Version 22.232, the default link to FileCloud terms of service has changed to https://www.filecloud.com/eula/. The link will only be changed automatically on new installations of FileCloud. Although the previous link will automatically redirect users to the new page, if you are upgrading FileCloud to version 23.232 or using an earlier version, we recommend that you change the link in Customization > TOS to https://www.filecloud.com/eula/

By default, FileCloud requires users to accept terms of service (TOS) when:

  • they initially create an account
  • the content of terms of service changes.
    Accept TOS checkbox

Enabling privacy settings and the Terms of Use checkbox

To display the Terms of Use checkbox on the log-in page, you must enable privacy settings.   Enable Privacy Settings is set to NO by default.

To enable privacy settings:

  1. From the left navigation panel, click Settings.
  2. Click the Policies tab.
    Policies tab
  3. Edit the policy that includes the users whose privacy settings you want to modify.
  4. On the Policy Settings screen, on the General tab, in Enable Privacy Settings, select YES.
    Enable Privacy Settings in policy
  5. Click Save.

Showing TOS when users access public and password-protected shares

If Enable Privacy Settings in the General tab of a user's policy is set to YES, you can require users who log into public and password-protected shares to accept FileCloud terms of service by adding text to the Anonymous User Consent Dialog Text field.

To require that a user accept of terms of service to access public and password-protected shares:

  1. Set Enable Privacy Settings to YES in the General tab of the user's policy.
  2. Go to Settings > Misc > Privacy.
  3. Add the content that you want to appear with the Accept Terms of Service button when users attempt to access the link for a public or password-protected share:
  4. Click Save.
    Note: If you do not enter text here, the Accept Terms of Service button is not shown when users enter the link for a public or password-protected share, and the share is opened directly.

Terms of service settings

Administrators are able to configure the following terms of service settings:

  • Enable/disable whether users must re-accept terms of service when the content changes
  • Enable/disable whether users must accept terms of service each time they log in to FileCloud.
  • Globally reset all users' terms of service consent

In versions of FileCloud prior to version 20.2, the fields Globally Reset User's TOS Consent, Force users' to accept TOS when changed, and Show TOS for every login appear in the Customization > TOS tab. Now these fields appear in the Settings > Misc > Privacy tab.

To configure terms of service settings:

  1. Go to Settings > Misc and click the Privacy tab.
  2. Scroll down to the following settings:
    Settings, Misc tab, Privacy tab

  3. To globally reset TOS consent so that all users are required to re-accept the terms of service when they log in (to the user portal only), click Reset TOS Consent for all users.
  4. By default, Force users to accept TOS when changed is set to NO.
    To require users to accept changed terms of service before logging in (to the user portal only), choose YES.
  5. By default, Show TOS for every login is disabled. 
    To require users to accept the TOS every time they log in, check Show TOS for every login.
    This feature applies to all users when they sign in to the user portal and to admin users when they sign in to the admin portal.
  6. Click Save.

See if a user has accepted terms of service

Administrators can view the user details for a user to see if they have accepted the latest terms of service. TOS Date either displays the date that the user accepted the terms of service or displays Not Accepted.
Note: TOS Date 
only shows if admin users have accepted the latest terms of service for the user portal; it does not show whether they have accepted it in the admin portal.
User Details showing TOS not accepted

Change the content of the Terms of Service

To change the content of the Terms of Service:

  1. Click Customization in the left navigation panel.
  2. Click the TOS tab
  3. To enter new terms of service, change the HTML code in Terms of Service.

    Note: This text is not shown when users open a public or password-protected share; instead the text in Anonymous User Consent Dialog Text in Settings > Misc > Privacy, if it is entered, is shown.

  4. Click Save