Oracle Identity Manager LDAP integration with FileCloud

Oracle Identity Manager

Oracle Identity Management enables system administrators to integrate multiple Active Directories and control them from one location. To ensure a smooth configuration please ensure to follow the below notes:
-The server which is hosting FileCloud is able to communicate to the server which is hosting OIM.
-You have access to the Admin user and are able to access WebLogic Admin server.
- Both server's Firewall accept the incoming connection.

Integrating OIM's LDAP to FileCloud

To successfully integrate OIM's LDAP with FileCloud ensure that FileCloud is able to pull the corresponding attributes such as Name, Email, password and other. To verify this settings please review your connection settings under
Oracles WebLogic Admin server > Domain Structure> Services> Security Realms >"myrealm" > Providers. Within the Providers select the Provider you will be using to connect to FileCloud via LDAP.

Click on the Authentication provider to access its corresponding settings and Navigate to provider specific. In order for FileCloud LDAP to be able to pull all the need attributes add the following ObjectClass string under All User Filter.
Once done you will need to fill out all other required fields based on your Active Directory configuration.

Once you have added the needed ObjectClass attribute on WebLogic Server realm provider's configuration, You will need to access FileCloud's Admin portal.

Within FileCloud's Admin portal go to Settings> Authentication and select LDAP from the Authentication type drop-down. To successfully configure LDAP
please reference to the following LINK. To ensure a successful connection under LDAP user filter template ensure to add the following:

Upon adding all the needed information you can verify your connectivity to OIM's LDAP by clicking on "LDAP TEST" and Click on Validate LDAP Settings.

If you obtain a successful confirmation message proceed on verifying if FileCloud is able to login and obtain the email ID as seen on the screenshots below. Upon completion without any errors
FileCloud has been successfully integrated with OIM'S LDAP connection.