Oracle Cloud Installation

FileCloud is available from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace for installation on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

To install FileCloud on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI):

Choose the FileCloud application in Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

  1. Log in to your Oracle account at:

    or,  if you do not yet have an Oracle account, create one at: 
  2. Click the navigation icon in the upper-left corner:

  3. In the drop-down menu, enter Marketplace in the search bar and choose All Applications.

    Oracle Cloud Marketplace opens to a view that shows all applications.
  4. In the search bar, enter FileCloud.

  5. Click the FileCloud app box.
    The box opens up a new window as seen in the below screenshot.
  6. In Version, choose a version. The latest version is labelled default.
  7. In Compartment, choose filecloud (root).
  8. Check the box to accept the Oracle terms of use and the Partner terms and conditions.

  9. Click Launch Instance.
    The page Create compute instance opens. 

Configure the details of the instance

In the Create compute instance page, enter the details of the instance.

  1. In Name, enter an instance name or use the default name.

  2. Scroll down to the Add SSH keys box, and generate and save the SSH private key.
    It is recommended that you select Generate a key pair for me, and then click Save private key. 

  3. Scroll down to the Boot volume box.
  4. By default, the boot volume size is 46.6 GB. You may check Specify a custom boot volume size and enter a custom size.
  5. For better performance, increase VPU (volume performance units) to 30 or higher.
  6. For greater security, check Use in-transit encryption.

  7. Click Create.
    A page with the instance details opens.
  8. When the status RUNNING appears, click Start.

Connect to the instance

  1. If you do not have a FileCloud License, register for one at
  2. In a web browser, enter the FileCloud admin portal URL:
  3. In the login page, enter the username and password admin/password.
    You must change the username and password after your first login.

    The Admin Attention window opens.
  4. Install the FileCloud license through this window.

Perform post-installation tasks

After you have connected to your instance, perform post-installation tasks:

  1. Delete the installation folder.
  2. For better security, change the default SMTP servers and accounts used to send emails to your own servers. See Email Settings.
  3. In Settings > Email, and set a valid Email Reply To Address.
  4. View and familiarize yourself with the FileCloud components by navigating to http://<public_dns_name>/install in a web browser.
  5. To set up FileCloud, follow the instructions at FileCloud Site Setup.
  6. Take periodic snapshots of your running instance for disaster recovery and as additional backup for the FileCloud database and app.