Client Patch

June 9, 2021

Patch fixes these issues.
DriveConfigurationCL-9054An issue causing Drive to crash when accessing some config file settings has been fixed.
DriveFile ExplorerCL-9010

In Drive, a problem causing File Explorer to hang when users navigated the folder tree has been fixed.

DriveLocksCL-8971The latest version of Drive was unable to lock files. This has been fixed.
DrivePrecachingCL-9007In Drive, precaching can now be disabled to avoid server overloads.
InstallerUpdate ToolCL-9018The Update Tool now supports new message queue installation and a command line option to skip Mongo dump.
ServerSyncPath not accessibleCL-9083In some scenarios, when ServerSync ran, the path was not accessible. This has been fixed.
SyncNetwork Folder ListingCL-9065In Sync, sn error causing network folder listing to fail has been fixed.
Syncusenewrenamelogic settingCL-9085In Sync, when usenewrenamelogic was set to true, and a folder was moved, the move was not performed. This has been fixed.