FileCloud Server 21.1 Release Notes

Version     New installation: Installing FileCloud Server         Upgrade Notes for FileCloud 21.1    Note: A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.


May 2021 vers. 21.1

Dec 2020  vers. 20.3

Sep 2020  vers. 20.2

May 2020  vers. 20.1

Dec 2019  vers. 19.3

Sep 2019  vers. 19.2

Apr 2019   vers. 19.1

Sep 2018  vers. 18.2

May 2018  vers. 18.1

Latest MD5 release checksums

  •  322CEB536630E3724653487020EC0478
  • FileCloudSetup.exe  512844E3167131D44C8F8D9BB7735BB9

The May 2021 release of FileCloud (version 21.1) is now available.

Patch fixes these issues.
Client Patch 
fixes these issues.
Patch fixes these issues.

Security Advisories

Upgrade to access new and enhanced features. Here are some highlights of the release:

FileCloud Server Performance Enhancements

FileCloud is now 66% faster, more extensible, and capable of handling higher loads.

Keyboard Accessibility

FileCloud is now compliant with VPAT Guideline 2.1, which requires that all functionality be available from the keyboard.

See Keyboard Shortcuts and Guide to Keyboard Shortcuts.

System Software Upgrades

FileCloud's system software applications have been upgraded to the following versions:

  • Apache 2.4.46
  • PHP 7.4.16
  • MongoDB 4.2.13
  • SOLR 8.8.2
  • OpenSSL 1.1.1k

Role-based Admin Users

Several enhancements have been made to the admin users (Promoted Admins) feature.

  • Admins can now create admin roles that include a specific set of permissions. Each new admin user is assigned an admin role and has the permissions defined for that role.
  • The permissions are much more granular than in previous versions, and depending on the action, roles may be given read, create, update, and/or delete permission.
  • In addition, admin roles can be assigned to entire groups, giving any user in the group all of the admin privileges. 

See Managing Admin Users.

FileCloud Drive User Interface

FileCloud Drive not only has a new, simpler user interface but also a new log-in wizard that makes it easy to set up and change your Drive configuration.

FileCloud Drive's new Login/Setup Wizard

FileCloud Drive's Recent Activity screen

FileCloud Drive's Advanced Search screen

FileCloud Drive Support for Big Sur running on Apple Silicon

You can now run FileCloud with Big Sur running on Apple Silicon. However, a change to your security settings is required. See FileCloud Drive: Configuration for Big Sur 11.3 or later versions Running on Apple Silicon for instructions.

ServerLink Enhancements

Various improvements have been made to ServerLink.

  • The nodes in the Status tab now display user and file counts.
  • A new Fast mode enables you to sync more quickly by eliminating unnecessary processes.
  • Synchronization error alerts are now sent to admins once an hour.
  • False error reports have been minimized. 

Nodes in ServerLink's Status tab now display user and file counts.

Microsoft Office Sensitivity Metadata

Microsoft Office files now include sensitivity labels that users can apply to files to indicate the type of information they contain (for example, Public or Confidential).  FileCloud now automatically extracts this data with other Microsoft Office metadata.

Sync and ServerSync Support for Linux

Sync and ServerSync can now run on Linux.
To install Sync on Linux, see Install Sync on Linux
To install ServerSync on Linux, see Install ServerSync on Linux.

Better Security When Updating FileCloud

A two-step verification process has been implemented to ensure that the correct upgrade file is run.

Due to this, the procedure for upgrading with a local copy of the update file has changed. See Upgrade using Admin Portal and Upgrade using Update Tool (Windows Only)


AreaFeature Notes

CL-7749ApacheThe Apache version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 2.4.46.
CL-8075DatabaseMongoDB has been updated to Version 4.2.13 to replace Version 3.6, which has been deprecated.

Note: FileCloud Versions 21.1 and higher will not work with versions of MongoDB lower than 4.0. 

Network SharesThe fcorchestrator service, in addition to the Web Server, must now run as an account with full permissions on Network Folders to avoid issues when network shares are accessed.See Web Server Permissions for Network Shares
CL-7614PHPThe PHP version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 7.4.16
CL-8855SolrThe Solr version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 8.8.2.
CL-8560OpenSSLThe OpenSSL version in FileCloud has been updated to Version 1.1.1k to resolve a security vulnerability.See Advisory 2021-05/1 OpenSSL Vulnerability
CL-8740ADWhen a user had two accounts with AD logins, the user was sometimes logged into the wrong account. A new setting can be enabled to prevent errors with multiple AD account logins.
CL-7364Admin userThere was no method of giving an admin user some folder privileges while preventing folder deletion. The new role-based admin user feature enables users to permit some actions while denying others.See Managing Admin Users
CL-8164AlertsSystem and email alerts are now sent when the message queue is down.
CL-6831AlertsThe summary email now lists the number of system alerts and warnings since the last summary email.
CL-8180AuditWhen a user accesses a public share to perform any action, the log now indicates that "Someone" rather than "Anonymous" accessed the share to avoid confusion.
CL-8133AuthenticationBasic authentication is now available to users with the correct permissions if FileCloud has the basic authentication setting enabled. See Enabling Basic Authentication
CL-7759Automation appThe FileCloud Automation app now includes a parameter for disabling SSL verification.See FileCloud Automation App
CL-7798BackupA setting has been added for disabling deletion of backup files.See Disabling Deletion of Backup Files
CL-7993CCEColor tag metadata can now be applied to files through the CCE.See More CCE Rule Examples
CL-8245CSSNow, the current version of the user portal supports custom CSS.See Customizing CSS
CL-7723DLPWhen a user saves a SHARE/ENFORCE DLP rule, a warning that all shares violating the rule will be deleted during the daily Cron run now appears.
CL-8340EmailThe body of the Email template for password expiration notification has been changed for the current UI to reflect the position of settings in the old UI.
CL-7712EncryptionIn the Settings for Storage > My Files, the Encryption field now displays the encryption status with the Manage button.
CL-6035MetadataRecommendations for the maximum length of metadata field names and attribute values have been added.See Metadata Limitations/Recommendations
CL-7475NotificationsFile and Folder Activity email notifications now include links to the files or folders referenced.
CL-8538ReportsReports now show partial data when their status is queued or in progress.
CL-7581ReportsA new report that shows the files and folders shared with a user has been added. See Custom Reports
CL-8727ReportsThe Storage Usage report now has parameters that enable reporting on non-default sites. 
CL-8615Retention toolThe Retention tool has a new parameter that supports multi-tenant setups.
CL-8349Retention toolThe Retention tool has a new parameter that enables removal of a retention policy from all files/folders in a parent directory.
CL-7596SharesNow, in the current user interface, users can choose a file to be displayed when a publicly shared folder is previewed.See Set Share Preview for Public Folder Shares
CL-8515SharesNow, when a user who can only share privately creates a share, the Manage Share dialog box opens in expanded view and shows share options.

Storage utility scripts have been added for calculating usage and missing files.

See Storage Scanner Tool for Missing Files and Storage Usage Tool
CL-5613Updating FileCloudWhen FileCloud was updated, users were not warned that adjustments made to httpd.conf were overwritten. Now a message informing users appears when the update is complete. 
CL-User DetailsWhen user and team folder total quotas were unlimited, User Details displayed their values as "0." It now displays their values as "Unlimited."
CL-6896WorkflowsThe Inactive users email now includes last dates logged in as well as usernames.

CL-8841Commit pending changesThe Commit Pending Changes button, which appeared in earlier versions of Drive, has been restored to settings, 
Outlook Add-in

CL-6344Auto uploadThere are now parameters available for setting auto upload defaults for the Outlook Add-in.See Device Configuration XML For Outlook Add-in

CL-8124LinuxServerSync is now supported on Linux.See Install ServerSync on Linux
CL-5300SUSE LinuxServerSync now  supports SUSE Linux versions 12 and 15.  To use SUSE Linux version 12 with storage application programs such as Dell Unity VSA, enable LAN file sharing.
CL-8323Watchdog appA ServerSync watchdog app now runs in the background and attempts to restart ServerSync if it stops running.


CL-6950LinuxSync 2.0 (the current Sync interface) is now supported in Linux.See Install Sync on Linux

CL-8233Fast modeServerLink can now be run in Fast mode. See ServerLink Fast Mode
CL-8275StatusServerLink status boxes now display user and file count as well as number of journal records. See Viewing ServerLink Information
CL-8262LogsServerLink now has a separate file that stores its log records.
CL-8263LogsA new setting has been added to control maximum server link log file size.
CL-8238MonitorA monitor that sends an alert if ServerLink is not running can now be configured.
CL-8264NotificationsWhen there is a synchronization error, ServerLink now sends an alert message to the admin once an hour until the issue is resolved, up to 3 times in 24 hours. See FileCloud ServerLink
CL-8470URLIt is now possible to have a common URL for shares and other links that is used for all nodes.

Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberAreaDescription

CL-8330ActivitiesMany activities exceeded 60 seconds. This has been fixed.
CL-8516ADAD Users with the same username but different email domains were able to log in to their accounts with their own emails and the other users' passwords. This has been fixed.
CL-8117ADSome disabled AD users were imported to FileCloud as enabled users. They are now imported as disabled users.
CL-8391AdminAdmin session timeout was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-8001APIWhen the renamefile API was called for a very large folder, it resulted in a timeout. This has been fixed.
CL-8454Audit When a user was added to a policy, the audit logs incorrectly showed that other users in the policy were removed and added back. This has been fixed.
CL-6468AuditPreviews were shown in audit records as downloads. This has been fixed.
CL-8062AuditAudit records were not added for subfolders of deleted folders. This has been fixed.
CL-8523BrowserThe right panel expansion button was disappearing when a user scrolled down the page. This has been fixed.
CL-8620Critical sectionAfter users moved or copied large folders, critical section records that were not removed blocked other operations. A tool has been added to help users manually delete the records. See Critical Section Cleanup Tool

When a custom path was entered into Initial User Web Portal Path in Customization > URL > Initial User Web Portal Path, FileCloud ignored it and sent the user to the default login page. This has been fixed.

CL-7927CustomizationFileCloud was resizing custom header logos, causing some to appear distorted. FileCloud now accepts customer header logos of any height and does not resize them.
CL-7992DevicesIn the User Portal, in the Settings > Devices screen, when the cursor hovered over a truncated device name, the full device name was not shown. Now, the full device name is shown.
CL-8594DevicesIn the User Portal, when a user moved from page to page in the device list, the top device was no longer displayed.  This has been fixed.
CL-8422Disk QuotaA problem causing a large number of  tmp files to be created, which caused the disk quota to be met has been fixed.
CL-8157DLPA new DLP function has been added to enable checking if a value is in a metadata array attribute.
CL-8050EmailIrrelevant warnings have been removed from email notifications for online sites. A summary Admin email with error messages but not warning messages is now sent to a specified address.
CL-8179EmailPeriods at the end of URLs have been removed from email templates to avoid errors when copying the URLs and clicking on them.
CL-8037Encryption Users were able to start a multiple encryption process from the Admin portal causing data loss. This has been fixed.
CL-7911Folder SecurityAn issue preventing the Manage Folder Level Security box in the user portal from showing more than 12 users with folder permissions has been fixed.
CL-8026ICAPA system set up with ICAP AV with ESET antivirus failed on a "get" method because it expected all upper-case "GET". This has been fixed.
CL-8011ICAP DLPIssues preventing some uploaded files from being classified by ICAP DLP have been fixed.
CL-8386InstallationInstructions for installing FileCloud updates using the FileCloud Update Tool have been modified to validate the data uploaded.
CL-8064LDAPThe error message for failed logins with LDAP authentication now has less emphasis to match the style of similar error messages.

A problem causing logs to display passwords in clear text if an AD connect test failed has been fixed.

CL-8543 Logs When the log level was set to DEV mode, some passwords appeared in clear text in the logs. This has been fixed.
CL-8410LogsDuring Admin portal login, more steps are logged to aid in debugging login errors.
CL-8228Managed storageAn issue causing the system to erroneously alert the user that managed storage was running out of space has been fixed.
CL-8036Metadata searchMetadata search was not working correctly for Guest and Limited accounts. This has been fixed.
CL-8049Network FoldersSupport has been added for Arabic characters in Network Folder names.
CL-8658Network sharesA problem causing Network share folders to be automatically renamed has been fixed.
CL-8562Network sharesUsers were unable to share files from Network shares and give Manage permission. This problem has been fixed.
CL-8381NotificationsAn error that broke the links on notification entries has been fixed.
CL-8346NotificationsAttempting to change a share notification caused a timeout. This has been fixed.
CL-8227PDFAn issue causing a page printed to PDF to appear empty has been fixed.
CL-7806PreviewAfter a user updated to FileCloud 20.2, password-protected PDFs failed to open for preview. This has been fixed.
CL-8442PreviewFor clarification, a note has been added to the Customization > General > UI Features > Show Document Preview setting explaining that document preview must be configured for the setting to work. In addition, when preview is not enabled, the preview option for files in the user portal is grayed out.
CL-8408ReportsAn issue that was preventing generation of the "Get the effective permissions for team folders" report has been fixed.

The user login report was displaying ANONYMOUS instead of the user name for 2FA logins. This has been fixed.

CL-8710ReportsSome reports were not displaying all data when there were a large number of results. This has been fixed.
CL-8225ReportsA problem causing an update delay in the System Summary dashboard report has been fixed. 
CL-8356Retention policiesA problem causing a retention policy to prevent deletion of an empty folder has been fixed.
CL-8598S3An issue preventing the "Shares not allowed" setting from being saved for S3 Network Folder Details has been fixed.
CL-8848S3An issue causing download from S3 managed storage to fail has been fixed.
CL-7943SearchUse Cached Results is now checked by default in the Advanced Search box.
CL-8712SearchWhen users searched on team folders, the result displayed "Path not valid or accessible." Now, invalid paths are not shown and valid paths do not display the message.
CL-8551SecurityA non-critical  Phar deserialization vulnerability was found. This was fixed by preventing upload of Phar files. See Advisory 2021-05/2 Admin Portal Phar Deserialization
CL-8137SecurityAn error message was indicating whether a user had entered an incorrect username or  password when login failed. Now the message is less specific and indicates that either the username or the password may be wrong.
CL-8573SecurityA problem enabling uploaded files to avoid validation has been fixed.
CL-8196SeedingThe seeding tool was not seeding files and folders with paths longer than 255 characters in Windows. This has been fixed.
CL-7435ShareThe share option was not disabled for limited users. This has been fixed, and the option is now disabled.
CL-8150ShareWhen sharing is disabled in a policy, the user portal now hides the share option for a file/folder.
CL-8544ShareA problem that was preventing a share name with a space in it from being uploaded in FileCloud's current user interface has been fixed.
CL-8393Share, Classic UIIn the classic UI, the page for a public share displayed a logout button that led to an invalid page. This has been fixed.
CL-8453Share, UploadWhen a full user shared a folder from a Network Share with a guest user, and the guest user publicly shared a subfolder with upload permission, the subfolder could not be uploaded. This has been fixed.
CL-8066SMSIn Policy Settings for 2FA, when the 2FA Mechanism was set to SMS Security and the SMS Provider Setup was changed, the change to SMS Provider Setup was not saved. This has been fixed.
CL-8526SolrFilenames were not indexed by Solr if the file content failed to be indexed. Filenames are now indexed even if the file content is not indexed.
CL-8533SolrWhen Solr searched for a filename with a space in it, it returned full string matches and matches for the strings on either side of the space. Now, it searches only for the full string or partial string including the space.
CL-8353SSOSSO login was not working in the new UI. This has been fixed.
CL-8505SSOSAML SSO configuration has been modified to avoid issues with installations using proxies and non-default ports.
CL-8325TranslationAn incorrect Dutch language translation has been fixed.
CL-8446TranslationTranslations have been added for a number of UI messages.
CL-8054User InterfaceThe new user interface introduced in FileCloud Version 20.2 is not supported in Internet Explorer. The old interface is supported in Internet Explorer.
CL-8571UsersAn issue preventing users imported from a csv file from being edited in the Admin portal has been fixed.
CL-8430VersioningA problem causing a zero-byte version of a file to be created has been fixed.
CL-8583VideoAn issue preventing shared video files from being previewed in IE and Chrome has been fixed.
CL-8445WatermarksThe documentation spelled the parameters for licensed company and geoip location incorrectly, causing watermarks to omit that information. The documentation now spells the parameters correctly as LICENSED_COMPANY and GEOIP_LOCATION. See Enabling Watermarks On Previews.
CL-8128WebDAVA problem causing WebDAV to perform incomplete uploads of large files has been fixed.
CL-8172Web EditAn issue causing web edit of an xlsm file to fail in FileCloud's current user interface has been fixed.

An issue causing the Admin UI to show that a failed WOPI configuration was successful has been fixed.

CL-8781WOPIIf a file was locked by WOPI when one user opened it, a coauthor could not open it for edit. This has been fixed.
CL-8215WOPIWhen WOPI preview was enabled, FileCloud's current user interface failed to preview read-only files. This has been fixed.
CL-8423WorkflowsThe delete inactive files workflow deleted files based on the file timestamp rather than the FileCloud upload time. This has been fixed.
CL-8901WorkflowsFor the workflow "If file uploaded is bigger than expected size" the action "Delete the file(s)" was not working. This has been fixed.
Drive and MacDrive
CL-77612FA2FA login was resulting in a "not authorized" error. This has been fixed.
CL-7988Data lossAn issue causing removal of saved files has been fixed.
CL-8053File updatesA lag occurred between the time edits to files were made on one computer and appeared on another. Now updates appear immediately (allowing for the 30-second interval between update checks).
CL-8418LockingLocks on files were not released after a reasonable period of time, preventing users from accessing files. Now locks on files are released after 10 hours.
CL-8220LockingWhen auto-unlock was enabled in DocIQ, auto-lock was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-8021LoginAn issue preventing login when the URL ended with a / has been fixed.
CL-8270Network foldersDrive was not displaying network folders after update from 20.2 to 20.3. This has been fixed.
CL-8226Network foldersAn issue was preventing .part files from being deleted after they were uploaded to a Network Folder using Drive. This has been fixed.
CL-8109Program failureA problem causing FileCloud Drive to crash has been fixed.
CL-8068RebootAfter MacDrive was rebooted, the user had to log in and out several times before the drive was mounted. This has been fixed.
CL-8305RenamesA problem causing upload of files to renamed folders to fail has been fixed.
CL-7870RenamingThe system was not handling some multiple rename operations correctly. This has been fixed.
CL-6802Shut downDrive was allowing users to shut down before all file changes were recorded. Changes are recorded more quickly now and users are warned if they attempt to shut down before changes are recorded.
CL-8389SSOWhen memcache was used for a session with SSO, memcache errors appeared in the FileCloud logs. This has been fixed.
CL-8010UploadSome saved files were not uploaded with Drive. This has been fixed.

CL-8145Digital signatureDigital signatures on FileCloud packages that were signed before installation were removed after installation. This has been fixed.
CL-8187LogsLogs now indicate if a file was not deleted because remote delete was not configured. 
CL-8144Remote ManagementA problem preventing users from changing the Allow Remote Management setting has been fixed.
CL-8834RMCOn Sync for Mac, RMC and remote wipe were not working. This has been fixed.
CL-8355ServiceWhen FileCloud Sync was not syncing properly when run as a service. This has been fixed.
CL-7800Sync StatusReal-Time Network Folder sync status was displayed under Cloud Storage without a label. For clarity, the label "My Files/Team/Shared Folders/Real-Time Network Folders" has been added.
CL-8171Team foldersAn issue allowing a shared root team folder (which cannot be synced) to be added in selective sync has been fixed.
CL-8268UploadAn issue causing Sync to fail to upload files to a not yet existing Network Folder has been fixed.
Drive and Sync

CL-6435Install foldersThe install folders are now named FileCloud Drive and FileCloud Sync.

CL-8420Conflict resolutionAuto conflict resolution was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-8017DeduplicationWhen deduplication is enabled, ServerSync now Syncs Windows Server files correctly.
Sync and ServerSync

CL-7737Thumbs.dbTo avoid errors, ServerSync and Sync no longer download Thumbs.db files.

CL-6521Error reportingThe criteria for showing warning and error states has been improved so that there are fewer false reports of error states.
CL-8431Load balancerA problem causing ServerLink connections going through a load balancer to fail has been fixed.
CL-8335UpgradeA problem preventing an sljournal index from being created after an HA ServerLink upgrade has been fixed.

CL-8206DocIQDocIQ was showing a security exception when opening files. This has been fixed.

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