View Audit Logs

As an administrator, you can read log files as an important part of maintaining proper operation and ensuring system security of your FileCloud site.

  • Log files can be extremely useful in troubleshooting issues
  • Only an Administrator can read FileCloud log files

To view the audit log, in the navigation panel, click Audit.
At the top of the Audit Log screen are fields that enable you to filter log results. Below them, a Manage button opens a dialog box for exporting the log to a csv file and downloading it. A Refresh button regenerates the log with the current filter settings.

The main portion of the Audit Log screen lists the audit log entries. Each entry includes the following information:

User nameName of the user account

The descriptive message for the audit record

For example, USER1 logged in FAIL

IP addressThe IP from which the event occurred

Indicates how FileCloud was accessed. For example:

  • Web browser
  • Sync
  • Drive
  • Mobile device
Created OnThe date and time when the event was logged