Audit Logs

FileCloud has extensive auditing support and every operation is logged.

As an administrator, you can use audit logs to quickly see what has changed on your FileCloud site, such as:

  • Were any new accounts created recently
  • How many clients are logged in
  • What are users commonly searching for on the site
  • How many files are being uploaded and downloaded

Since every operation is logged, the audit database entries can grow very large very quickly.

To manage log file growth, you can:

  • Remove log entries using the Admin dashboard
  • Limit what operations are logged
  • Export log files to CSV as an archive

Note: You can configure your system to prevent administrators from deleting audit log entries. See Delete Audit Log Entries below.

(lightbulb) It is important to keep in mind that removing log entries from the Admin dashboard does removes them from the database. However, MongoDB does not release the space but keeps it for new entries to be added in the future. If you need to reclaim the space, you should compact the database.

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