Deleting a FileCloud User

As an administrator, you can delete a FileCloud user account.

When a user account is deleted

  • By default, the user's data stored in My Files is deleted.
  • The user can no longer log in via browser or connect using the Sync client or Drive client.
  • The user's license account is released, and the available license count is incremented by 1.
  • The user is removed from all shares.
  • The user's workflows are deleted.
  • Data shared by the user is no longer be available.
Account TypeEffect
User with "Default Authentication" (Local User)

Local user account is deleted.

User with "AD or LDAP Authentication"Only the FileCloud account will be deleted. No change will be done to the user in the AD or LDAP server.

To move the user's data to a different user before deleting the account:

Use the admin portal to copy and move user files

To delete the user's account

Delete the account