Allow Only an Admin To Create New Accounts

Administrators can customize how new user accounts are created. 

In this scenario, you will configure the FileCloud site so that only Administrators can create new accounts.

The settings that you use to configure these scenarios are described in Table1.

New Account

ENABLED = opens a window for the user to type in new account information

DISABLED = opens a window explaining that User Account Creation is not allowed

This setting determines the behavior of the New Account button on the User Portal Login page.

If enabled, this setting works with two other settings to determine authentication and approval permissions:

  • Allow Account Signups
  • Automatic Account Approval

Allow Account Signups

Specifies if a user can or cannot create an new FileCloud user account by choosing:

  • TRUE

Can Create an Account

Prerequisite: New Account  = Enabled

DEFAULT = Local user authentication is allowed

  • Active Directory authentication allowed
  • LDAP authentication allowed

TRUE = Local user can create their own account

  • Active Directory authentication not allowed
  • LDAP authentication not allowed

Cannot Create an Account

FALSE = Local user cannot create their own account

  • If the New Account button is enabled, and the user clicks it, they can fill out the fields on the form. However, when they try to submit the information they will get an error that new account creation is not allowed.

This setting controls if the user can create a new account. By default, the account is disabled until an administrator approves it. If you want the account to be automatically approved, use the Automatic Account Approval settings.

Do I choose DEFAULT or TRUE?


  • If you are using AD or LDAP Authentication.
  • You want to allow your AD users to create their own FileCloud user accounts. After you import AD or LDAP user accounts into FileCloud, you can have the users create their own FileCloud account automatically on first login. In this scenario you would just tell your users to log in using their AD or LDAP credentials and on first login FileCloud will automatically create that user's new FileCloud account.


  • If you are NOT using AD or LDAP Authentication
  • You want to allow your users to create their own user accounts. By default, the account is disabled until an Administrator approves it.

Automatic Account Approval

(Default) 0 = The account created by the user is DISABLED by default. It requires Admin approval to assign FULL or GUEST access to the account.

1 = The new user account is automatically approved with FULL access.

2 = The new user account is automatically approved with GUEST access.

3 = The new user account is automatically approved with EXTERNAL access.


  • New Account = ENABLED
  • Allow Account Signups = DEFAULT or TRUE

This setting works with the Allow Account Signups setting to determine:

  • If the account created by the user is disabled until the Administrator approves it
  • If the account is approved with a specific level of access automatically without intervention from the Administrator.

(lightbulb)  For smaller organizations or high security sites, you can configure this option so that when a user creates a new account it is disabled until it is approved by the administrator.

(lightbulb)  For larger organizations, it might not be practical to have the administrator approve every account created and so you can use the automatic account approval settings.

The scenario where only an administrator creates a new FileCloud account is described in Table 2.

Only an Admin can create User accounts

  1. The Administrator creates the account in the Admin Dashboard.
  2. The User receives a Welcome email with the account credentials and User Portal URL.

Customization settings, Login tab

(error) New Account button = DISABLED

Settings option, Admin tab

(error) Allow Account Signups = FALSE

(error) Automatic Account Approval = 0

In this scenario, if you disable the New Account button, then the other settings can be left set to their defaults.

To configure these settings:

  1. Log into  the Admin Portal.
  2. In the left menu panel, click Customization.
  3. On the General tab, click the Login  tab.
  4. Next to Show New Account Button, make sure the checkbox is not selected.
  5. FileCloud server will not display the New Account button in the User Portal.