Mass Deployment Configuration for FileCloud Desktop for macOS

You can configure mass deployment settings for FileCloud Desktop for macOS through Remote client management (RMC).

You can configure client device settings for FileCloud Desktop for macOS remotely by specifying the configuration XML in the Device Configuration tab of FileCloud policies.

For most clients, if the user changes the configuration locally, then the remote settings configured by the Administrator will override those settings the next time the client refreshes its settings.

To set a device configuration for a policy:

  1. Open a browser and log in the Admin Portal.
  2. From the left navigation pane, select Settings.
  3. To open the list of policies, select the Policies tab.
  4. Click the policy that you want to configure, and then click the edit icon ().
  5. Click on the Device Configuration tab.
  6. In Client Configuration, paste or type in the remote device configuration XML for FileCloud Desktop for macOS. Please note that it uses the xml format:


    <default> is an optional tag that indicates if the setting can be changed through the user interface. 

    A value of 1 indicates the setting is a default and can be changed by the user through the user interface.
    A value of 0 (or omission of <default>) indicates that the setting is overridden and cannot be changed by the user through the user interface.


The code below shows example settings:


In this example:

  • Files are automatically locked when they are opened by FileCloud Desktop (lockonopen = 1). Overridden value.
  • The application runs at startup (runatstartup = 1, default = 1). Default value.
  • The log level is set to "debug" (loglevel = debug). Overridden value.
  • The language is set to "english" (language = english). Overridden value.
  • Notifications are not muted (mutenotifications = 0). Overridden value.

Keys and values

Table 1. The following XML tags are supported for FileCloud Desktop for macOS device configuration.





Automatically lock files when they are opened.

0 (disabled) 
1 (enabled) default


Run FileCloud Desktop for macOS on system startup.

0 (disabled)
1 (enabled) default


Level of details stored in log files, where information is the least detailed, and trace is the most detailed.



Language of the FileCloud Desktop for macOS user interface.

"dutch", "english", "german", "spanish", "portuguese", "french", "arabic", "italian", "russian"

Default is "english"


Suppress all notifications on FileCloud Desktop.

0 (disabled, notifications are shown) default
1 (enabled, notifications are not shown) 

If a key is not supported or a value is incorrect, the application skips it and logs a warning message.