FileCloud Drive

FileCloud Drive versions below 22.1 do not support MacOS Ventura. If you are using MacOS Ventura, please install or upgrade to FileCloud Drive 22.1.

FileCloud Drive now supports Big Sur Version 11.3 and higher running on Apple Silicon. However, a change to your security settings is required. See FileCloud Drive: Configuration for Big Sur Running on Apple Silicon.

You can use FileCloud Drive to store, access, and share files to collaborate with the people you work with or share data with.

  • FileCloud Drive is a client application that allows you to access FileCloud and the files you store there.
  • You can access files in Drive in the same way you access them on a Windows PC in Windows Explorer.
  • The same features that are available on the User Portal are available in Drive.
  • Drive allows you to easily open the User Portal.
  • In FileCloud version 18.2 and later, you can access Drive files from Microsoft applications. 

This section describes how to use Drive on a Windows computer; however, you can also use Drive on a Mac with FileCloud Drive for Mac.

Full sharing functionality is available in FileCloud Drive on Windows in FileCloud version 17.3 and later.

Updated right-click menu options for sharing are available in FileCloud version 18.2 and later.

The ability to create a direct link to a folder is available in FileCloud version 19.1 and later.

The FileCloud Drive interface was redesigned in FileCloud Version 21.1.

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