Using DocIQ with Office for Sync Users

New FileCloud Sync users: DocIQ has been replaced with FileCloud for Office. Please see the FileCloud for Office with Sync documentation.

Current FileCloud Sync users (DocIQ users): FileCloud no longer supports DocIQ. Later this year, DocIQ will be fully deprecated. Although you can continue to use DocIQ with the current release, we recommend using FileCloud for Office, which can be downloaded from the Office add-ins store. Now, when you upgrade FileCloud Sync, you are given the choice of using FileCloud for Office or continuing to use DocIQ. If you choose to use FileCloud for Office, please see the FileCloud for Office with Sync documentation.

DocIQ is a Microsoft Office add-in for FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive clients

DocIQ works with the following Microsoft Office applications:

  • Word 
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint

What does DocIQ do?

DocIQ works with Office documents to help you manage shared files.

DocIQ gives you the ability to:

  • manage file locking
  • collaborate with your colleagues through comments 
  • see how shared files are being managed 

How do I use DocIQ?

  1. You open an Office application such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint.
  2. Inside the Office application, you open a file saved to a FileCloud Sync or FileCloud Drive folder.
  3.  DocIQ displays as a task panel inside the Office application with the following information:
    • File details
    • Lock status
    • File sharing details
    • Comments attached to the file

How do I install and work with DocIQ?

  1. Install DocIQ with Sync.
  2. Configure DocIQ for Sync.
  3. Work with file locking.
  4. Troubleshoot Doc IQ issues.