File Operations Window

When you click the File Operations link in the navigation pane, a window opens and overlays the bottom half of the screen.
The window shows the progress of actions as they occur on files and folders in FileCloud.
Click the Stop All icon above the list of files being uploaded to stop all activity. Any uploads or downloads that have already been completed remain.
Click the Stop icon in the row for an upload to stop that file from uploading only.

Once the action is complete the window shows each file or folder overlaid with a check or x that indicates if the action succeeded or failed. For files, a list of action icons for choosing the next action on the file appears. Possible next actions are Open in Folder, Preview, Edit, Share, and Delete

The window includes separate tabs for displaying Upload, Download, and Other actions. Other includes:

  • Delete
  • Export DRM file
  • Move
  • Rename
  • Folder actions

Files and folders are listed in the File Operations window for a short amount of time after the action occurs.

To filter the items shown in the window, enter a search string in Filter items, or change Show all in the drop-down list to Show processing or Show failed.