Web Browser (User Portal)

You can access your files stored on the FileCloud server through a web browser.

  •  The User Portal allows you to manage the files you want to store and save using the FileCloud Server site.
  •  After an administrator has installed and configured the site, you will be sent information on how to log in.
  •  Use the portal to securely access your enterprise data from anywhere using any device

Note: If single sign-on is enabled, a link for single sign-on also appears on the log-in screen.

As a FileCloud user, you need 3 pieces of information to access your FileCloud account.

FileCloud URL: Your Admin or Hosting Provider will provide you with the URL to your site.

Account: You can log in a few different ways:

    • Your Admin will provide you with your account name.
    • You might have permissions to create a new account yourself for the first time.
    • You might be able to use the same name as your organizational login.

Password: As with account, it can be created in a few different ways:

    • Provided by your Admin when your account was created.
    • Created by you if you created your own account.
    • The same as your organizational login password.

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