November 19, 2020

Patch 20.2.4 fixes these issues.
ServerActivity streamCL-7337A problem causing the activity stream to time out has been fixed.
ServerActivity streamCL-7627To decrease CPU use, FileCloud is no longer using the activity stream for folder browsing.
ServerFolder moveCL-7631An issue that enabled the Move dialog box to be opened when no selection was made has been fixed.
ServerS3 StorageCL-7629A problem causing an S3 storage multi-part upload to be marked complete although it failed to load the last chunk has been fixed.
ServerS3 StorageCL-7617

When FileCloud used S3 for managed storage, an error appeared when a file was added and there was no temp reference for the file. This has been fixed.

ServerUsernameCL-7616When a user account with upper-case letters was created from the log-in screen, it failed on login. This has been fixed.