Drive Patch

February 22, 2022

To apply these fixes, please update FileCloud Drive.

Patch fixes these issues.
DriveConnectionCL-10810Connection issues occurring in Drive have been fixed.
Drivedwl and dwl2 filesCL-10770dwl and dwl2 files are no longer uploaded to the server by Drive.
DriveFCFSCL-10753The FCFS scheduling algorithm has been updated to Version 4.2.4.
DriveLockingCL-10929After rename and upload, some files were not automatically unlocked. This has been fixed.
DriveLocking (MacDrive)CL-10871Some files were not automatically unlocked when they were closed in MacDrive. This has been fixed.
DriveLogsCL-10769The number of informational log entries has been reduced.
DriveRun at startupCL-10819When Drive Version 21.3 was uninstalled, "run at startup" was disabled for all apps that had it enabled. Now it is only disabled for Drive.