Sync and ServerSync Patch

February 18, 2022

To apply these fixes, please update FileCloud Sync or FileCloud ServerSync.

Patch fixes these issues.
ServerSync and SyncRename logicCL-10824When a folder was renamed, Sync performed a direct rename operation instead of deleting the folder and uploading a new one. This has been disabled so that a rename occurs as a delete and upload again.
SyncFile explorerCL-10913When Sync was installed on a fresh Windows VM, the Sync icon did not appear in file explorer. This has been fixed.
SyncInstallationCL-10883Sync Version 21.2 and 21.3 installers were not installing DLL files correctly. This has been fixed.
SyncRun at startupCL-10819When Sync Version 21.3 was uninstalled, "run at startup" was disabled for all apps that had it enabled. Now it is only disabled for Sync.
SyncUpdateCL-10875When users updated Sync from the 32-bit version to the 64-bit version, the Sync icon was not appearing in file explorer. This has been fixed.
SyncUser interfaceCL-10912On Windows, the Sync user interface appeared as a blank screen. This has been fixed.