Security Checklist 10 Keeping FileCloud Up To Date

A large part of maintaining any system's security is keeping informed about updates, patches, and security advisories and making sure you apply them.

  • When an upgrade to FileCloud is available, FileCloud informs you through email and the Version Information widget on the FileCloud dashboard.
    See Upgrade FileCloud and Release Notes.
  • When a FileCloud security advisory is published, FileCloud sends you an email noting the severity level of the issue and what you should do to protect yourself against it.
    See Security Advisories.
  • FileCloud upgrades third-party components that are used as part of the system. However, you should keep external software that you use in conjunction with FileCloud updated as well.
  • FileCloud informs you if required external components must be upgraded to specific versions and attempts to document instances where minimum versions of optional external components should be installed.