Backup Server Configuration Using RSync

Please make sure the Filecloud Production server and the backup server are the same version.

Configure the backup server using Rsync:

  1. Download the Rsync tool from:
  2. Unzip it and place it under xampp\tools.
  3. To run the PowerShell scripts, first run the following command in PowerShell: 
    Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

  4. To install and configure the rsync and ssh binaries in the backup server and the production server, run xampp\tools\install_client.ps1 on the backup server and xampp\tools\install_server.ps1 on the production server: 

    Backup server:

    Production server:

  5. Open firewall access to the backup server on port 2233 (the default SSH port for the production server).

  6. Copy the PUB key from the backup server at:
  7. On the production server, restart SSH services.

  8. Configure the target server on the backup server.
    See Step 3 in FileCloud Backup Server Configuration for help navigating to the Settings > Target Server tab in the Backup Server user interface. 

  9. In the New Backup Target Server form, choose RSYNC as the backup connection:

    After you choose RSYNC, the additional fields appear.

  10. Enter the other settings.
    If the Admin is an AD user, enter DOMAIN\Administrator for SSH User.
  11. Click Add.

Run the backup for the target server

  1. Open the New Backup screen.
  2. Configure the settings and click Add.
    Backup begins:
  3. When backup is complete, review the backup details:

To install on Linux

Install the Rsync client and SSH service on the servers from the respective repositories.

In Ubuntu, enter:

apt-get install rsync openssh-server -y

In Centos enter:

yum –y install openssh-server openssh-clients rsync

Proceed from Step 5 under Configure the backup server using RSync.