Backup Server - Export


FileCloud backup server also supports exporting of files/folders from the backups. When a file/folder is selected for export, it will be copied to a local path on the backup server.


  • Export from backup server UI supports files and folders.
  • Main difference between export and restore is that export stores the file locally on the backup server, while restore stores file directly on the target FileCloud server.
  • When export is selected, the current path will be chosen as path to export.

Exporting File/Folder

User file/folders can be exported with the following steps:

  1. Select the backup from which the file/folder has to be exported.
  2. Select the target from the drop-down and click on the 'Files' button for the backup that needs to be restored.
  3. In the files dialog, navigate to the path containing the file/folder to be exported.
  4. Select one or more file/folders and click on the 'Export' button. The selected file/folders will be sent to the export queue.
  5. A prompt will appear to confirm the export path, select 'Yes' to continue.
  6. Next prompt will require the local path where the exported folder/file(s) are to be stored. Enter a path with write access and click on 'Export' button. This will add the export request to the queue.
  7. Continue adding more folders to export as necessary.
  8. When all the folders to be restored are added to the export queue, switch to 'Export Queue' tab. Click on the 'Start' button.
  9. Once the export process completed, the folder will be removed from the queue. 
  10. Look at the local destination folder for the exported files.