Backup Server - Restore Files and Folders

FileCloud backup server supports restoring of files/folders from the backups.

When a file/folder is selected for restore, it will be uploaded directly to its original location as found in the backup.


  • You can restore user files and folders using Backup Server.
  • You can restore databases and the entire cloud storage path manually, using the back ups you have created.

Figure 1. Restoring a user's files.

To restore a User's files and folders:

  1. Log in to the FileCloud Admin portal.
  2. On the left Home  panel, select Backups.
  3. Select the backup you want to restore, and then click the Files button. 
  4. On the Files screen, select the path containing the files or folder to be restored, and then click the Restore button. 
  5. The selected files or folders will be sent to the restore queue. To see the queue, click the Restore Queue tab. 
  6. Continue adding more files or folders as necessary.
  7. When all the files and folders you need to restore are added to the restore queue, click the Restore Queue tab. 
  8. To restore everything listed, click the Restore button.
  9. You will see the progress of files and folders being restored to the FileCloud target server.