Create a New Metadata Set

Add a new metadata set definition

To add new metadata: 

  1. In the navigation panel, click Metadata. 
  2. To open the Add Metadata Set Definition dialog box, click Add Metadata Set
  3. Enter Name and Description and check Disabled if you don't want the metadata set to be enabled when you save. it.
  4. Add users or groups and specify permissions for them. Define FileCloud paths (locations) that have access to the metadata set. For more details, see Managing Metadata Permissions.
  5. Click Add Attribute and add at least one metadata attribute definition. For more details, see Managing Metadata Attributes.

Metadata permissions

Although user / group permission widgets look very similar to share widgets, their behavior is different. Read / write permission changes for each user / group are not saved when the change happens (this is the process for shares). All changes are saved at the same time when Create is clicked.