Storage Usage Tool

The Storage Usage tool is available in FileCloud version 21.1 and later.

The storage usage tool lists the storage used by the users on your FileCloud system.

The tool is storageusageutil.php and is located in C:\xampp\htdocs\resources\tools\fileutils

To run the storage usage tool:

php storageusageutil.php -u user -p path -h hostname


-u user - (required) - The user account (all for all user accounts)
-p path -  (required)  The path of the storage to be calculated
-h hostname - (optional) The fully qualified name of the site in a multisite installation. Omit the option for standalone or default site

Sample output

Looking at default host
Found 100 file(s)
Found 200 file(s)
Found 300 file(s)

Storage Usage
Folder count           : 19
File count           : 349
File(s) size in bytes       : 974902531
File(s) size in GB : 0.91