Creating direct file download links from a public folder share

Public folder shares provide a share link that opens a page listing the contents of the folder. By making minor changes to the share link, a direct downloadable link for any file in the folder can be created.

After you create the share, copy the share link and modify it to link to a download page for a file in the folder. Then send the new link to share users.

The procedure for creating direct file download links is the same from public folder shares of folders in My Files and folders in Team Folders.

To copy the share link:

  1. Hover over the folder and click the share icon.
  2. In the Share link for folder dialog box, click the Copy link to clipboard button.
    If you open the link in a browser, FileCloud displays the folder's contents. 
    The following video shows you the process. 

To create a direct link to a file in the shared folder: 

In our example, the link to the shared folder is:!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1
We would like the link to open a download page for the file customers.docx, which is located in the folder.

This video shows you the steps, which are also listed below.

  1. Copy the link to a text editor in order to modify it.
  2. Remove the portion of the URL that takes you to the FileCloud page, and replace it with a path to a download page.
    (Remove /ui/core/index.html?mode=public&shareto=#expl-tabl and replace it with core/downloadfile.)
  3. Add a filepath parameter after core/downloadfile and set it equal to the /SHARED/ portion of the path. Then add the filename, customers.docx, to the end of the path.
    (At this point, the path is!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1/customers.docx
  4. After the filepath parameter, add a filename parameter, and set it equal to customers.docx.
    (The final link in the example looks like!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1/customers.docx&filename=customers.docx)
  5. Send the link to share users. When clicked, it opens a download page for the customers.docx file.

To create a direct link to a file in a sub-folder of the share:

If the file is embedded in a folder within the shared folder, make the same changes as above, but include the path to the file including the sub-path(s). For example if you are linking to the file background.png which is in the sub-folder images in the shared folder, the link should appear as:!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1/images/background.png&filename=background.png

Sample links before and after

Link to the customers.docx file in the top-level of the shared My Files folder

Original link!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1

Modified link!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1/customers.docx&filename=customers.docx

Link to the background.png file in the images folder in the shared My Files folder 

Original link!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1

Modified link!bIi3S5COtIoHQD49yINBKMSe5/XOOclSQ2AAdiOWP1/images/background.png&filename=background.png

Link to the Announcement.txt file in the shared HR Misc folder of the Human Resources Team Folder (same format as link from My Files)

Original link!b0ipSLCEtKoRQT47yiNpKOSyi/dWPDFohwRIjdOj7v

Modified link!b0ipSLCEtKoRQT47yiNpKOSyi/dWPDFohwRIjdOj7v/Announcement.txt&filename=Announcement.txt