Send Email from User Details

This option is available beginning in FileCloud 20.1

There are two types of emails you can send from the User Details window:

  • A forgot password email that sends the user a password newly generated using the Reset Password option in User Details.
  • An account welcome email that welcomes a new user to FileCloud. If the new user is not an AD user, the message includes a new password. If the new user is an AD user, the message does not include a new password.

To send an email from User Details:

  1. Click Users in the navigation panel.
  2. Locate the user in the user list.
  3. Click the edit icon under Actions to the right of the user.
    The User Details window opens.
  4. Click the Send Email icon.

    A dialog box for choosing the type of email opens.
    Note: If the user has an AD account,  there is no option to send a "forgot password" message. The dialog box only sends an account welcome message that does not include a new password.
  5. Select Set "forgot password" reset message or Send "account welcome" message 
  6. To send the message, click OK.