Periodic Script Workflow

 This workflow recipe runs a specified command at a periodic interval.

  • This requires you to set up cron job or task scheduler to run the command.
  • The frequency depends on the cron or task scheduler frequency you set

To create a workflow that performs a periodic script: 

  1. Login to Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Workflow on the left navigation
  3. Tap on the Add Workflow button
  4. Set the If Condition " Perform an action periodically " 

  5. Click on Next, This condition does not require any parameters
  6. Set the Then Action "Execute a command"
  7. Enter the required Command

    }ls - will list all the folders and files.

  8. Enter the Workflow name and Finish.

  9. A notification email will be sent to the Admin, with the response information of command line execution.