Notify on File Upload Workflow

 This workflow recipe sends an email notification when a file is created or uploaded to FileCloud.

  • This notification can be set for a specific folder location only
  • The admin can provide a set of email ids to which the notification email has to be sent

To create a workflow to notify when a file is uploaded: 

  1. Login to Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to Workflow on the left navigation
  3. Tap on the Add Workflow button
  4. Set the If Condition " If a file is added or updated"

  5. Enter the Required parameters in the given format

    eg: Path : My Files Location (/jenniferp/CustomerAccounts)

    To identify FileCloud specific path for a folder please refer this Identifying a FileCloud Specific Path.

    Set the path to "/" if you want to monitor all the folders in the system.

  6. Click on Next, Set Then Action " Notify file actions to user(s)

  7. Enter the Required parameters in the given format


  8. Click Next, give an appropriate workflow name and Finish.

  9. Sample notification email on a file upload.