Configuring System Generated Emails

Controlling System Generated Automatic Emails 

It is possible to control which emails are sent by the system.

The settings can be accessed by

  1. Log into FileCloud Administration Portal
  2. Click on Settings in the left navigation panel
  3. Click on Admin tab 
  4. Change settings as needed
  5. Click Save.

Send Approval Pending EmailsThis controls the option to send out an approval pending email to the admin when a new user account is created and admin approval is required
Send Welcome/Verification EmailsThis controls whether verification emails are sent to users to verify their email addresses
Send Approval Emails to UsersThis controls whether account approval emails are sent to users
Send Admin Summary EmailsThis controls whether daily system summary emails are sent to the admin account, This only works if a Cron Task or Windows Task Manager is setup.

Change the frequency of Admin summary emails

By default, an Admin summary email is sent to the FileCloud Admin once per day. However, you can configure your system to send it weekly or monthly instead.

To change the frequency of Admin summary emails:

  1. Open cloudconfig.php:
    Windows Location: XAMPP DIRECTORY/htdocs/config/cloudconfig.php
    Linux Location: /var/www/config/cloudconfig.php
  2. Add the following :

  3. Change the value of DAILY to WEEKLY or MONTHLY.