Manage Different Sites

 Once you login as superadmin you will see the Manage Sites screen.

  • Storage Quota - this column indicates the current storage quota and the maximum allowed storage quota limit in GB for that site.
  • Users - this column indicates the  current users and maximum allowed user limit for that site.

(warning)  Please note that in order for the current storage quota and current users to be calculated the Cron job must be set up by the admin. 

Figure 1. Admin portal for superadmin management of multi-tenant sites.

Since the report runs only once a month, updates to Installed License Validity may be delayed.

What do you want to do?

To add a new site, click on the "Add Site" button to bring up the Site Detail dialog.

  • Provide a site name, you cannot change the site name later. The site name has to be alphanumeric only and is used to prefix database names for this site.
  • Provide the site hostname (example: Do not provide any http or https prefixes. The character "@" is not permitted in site names.
  • Make sure to add a DNS entry for the Domain Name to point to the server running filecloud
  • You can duplicate the site settings by checking the "Duplicate Site Settings" check box. This will create the new site with the settings from the site to be duplicated.
  • Notes is optional.


Site settings can be used to enforce limits on the total number of users and total storage quota in GB per site.

When Maximum User Limit is specified for a site, FileCloud does not allow additional users to be added when the limit is reached. 0 implies there is no limit to the number of users that can be added.

When Maximum Quota in GB Per Site is specified for a site, FileCloud limits the total GB of files added to ensure that total size of all files added will not be more than the quota specified. 0 implies unlimited quota.
Note: If the User Storage Quota (set in users' policies) for all users combined exceeds Maximum Quota in GB Per Site then new user creation is blocked. To enable admins to create additional users, the Superadmin must do one of the following:

  • Increase  Maximum Quota in GB Per Site.
  • Set Maximum Quota in GB Per Site to 0 (unlimited).
  • Set User Storage Quota (in all user policies) to 0 (unlimited).

When Expiration Date is specified, users cannot log in to the site after the expiration date is passed.

It is possible to set up an Admin password for a site directly in the Site Settings dialog box.

To access the newly added site, you need to use the domain name setup for the site. for example : to access the user site and to access the admin site.

Make sure to setup the site using the admin portal before opening up the site to new users.

All operations, including, use s3 backend, add files, enable encryption, disable encryption, create reports, and create workflows can be done in multisites.

Select the site entry and click Delete to remove the site entry. Note that you have to manually remove the sites database and data. These are not removed automatically.

Note that the default site is the fallback site when a user tries to access FileCloud without using any of the domains specified and therefore cannot be edited or removed.