FileCloud Docker installation

Docker images are mainly created for trialing/testing the product and are not optimized for production servers. 

Running FileCloud on Docker

  1. In your Docker server, pull the Docker image:

    docker pull filecloud/fileclouddocker:23.232.1 
  2. Start the container: 

    sudo docker run --privileged -d -p 443:443 -p 80:80 -v fcdata:/opt/fileclouddata -v dbdata:/var/lib/mongodb -v solrdata:/opt/solrfcdata/var/solr -v htmldata:/var/www/html --name <yourcontainername> <current_image_name:tag> /lib/systemd/systemd 

    Now you can access the FileCloud admin portal at http://<hostip>/ui/admin/index.html. The user name is admin and the password is password. You can access the FileCloud user portal at http://<hostip>/ui/core/index.html.

  3. In the FileCloud admin portal, go to Settings > Storage > My Files and set Storage Path to /opt/fileclouddata.

Setting up LibreOffice preview

Filecloud has two preview methods:

  • Built-in web preview
  • LibreOffice preview

To use LibreOffice

  1. Enable preview by entering:

    docker exec -it <container_id> filecloudcp -p 
    docker exec -i <container_id> chown www-data /usr/lib/libreoffice/program 
  2. In the Admin portal, go to Settings > Misc > Preview.
    1. In  Office Location, enter /usr/lib/libreoffice/program
    2. Check Enable Document Converter.

Configuring Solr

Note: Solr is enabled by 

  1. To configure Solr, start the filecloud.solr container.
  2. Enter the Solr container shell:

    docker exec -it filecloud.solr bash
  3. Copy the skeleton:

    cp -R /var/www/html/thirdparty/overrides/solarium/Solarium/fcskel/* /var/solr/data/fccore/
  4. Go to Admin portal > Settings > Content search.
    1. Click Configure.
    2. To start indexing, click the green Index button. 

By default, FileCloud uses host mount volumes for the Database and Filecloud storage folder.