CASB integration

For security purposes, to initially access the API, you must now change the default API key. If you do not change it, when you enter a command to call the API, an error is returned.
Note: You are only required to change the default API key initially; after that, you can continue to use the new key you entered.

FileCloud includes a smart data leak prevention (DLP) functionality that monitors user actions and and prevents them if they pose a security risk.

In Version 20.2, FileCloud has added integration with external cloud access security broker (CASB) software to enable you to expand your DLP monitoring and risk prevention. This enables you to expand activity monitoring and measures taken when there is a possible security breach.

Currently, FileCloud supports integration with McAfee CASB software.

To enable CASB integration with FileCloud:

  1. In the Admin portal navigation pane, click Settings, and then select Third Party Integrations > McAfee MVISION CASB.
  2. Check Enable FileCloud CASB Integration.
    The field FileCloud CASB API Key appears. 

  3. Change the value of FileCloud CASB API Key to any alphanumeric string.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Add the value of the FileCloud CASB API Key to McAfee MVISION CASB. See McAfee's product documentation for instructions.

McAfee CASB integration