Terminal Server Support

FileCloud Drive can be used in Terminal server environment from v12 onwards.

This support resulted in the following changes:

The FileCloud Drive application binaries are now installed in C:\Program Files folder. This can be modified only by an Administrator. Users can only execute the application (but not change the config files in that location)

The FileCloud Drive data is now stored in %APPDATA%/FileCloud Drive folder. This is created for each user and only user-specific data is stored. Therefore, every user in the Terminal server environment can launch and mount their specific account.

There is a limitation due to the number of available mount points in the system. Every time a volume is mounted by a user, that drive letter cannot be used by a different user. In some cases, if two users start Drive at the same time, they may attempt to mount a FileCloud volume to the same Drive letter and it will fail for one of the users. In that case, the user that had the failure must select a different drive letter and mount the FileCloud volume.

If FileCloud Drive cannot map drives and the Drive logs fill up and display the error:

 ‚ÄúTonido::TonidoCbfs::addMountPoint: Exception :Cannot create a file when that file already exists."

Add the parameter <useuniquemountlabel>1</useuniquemountlabel> in config.xml for FileCloud Drive.

The config.xml file is located at C:\Program Files\FileCloud Drive\service

Once the changes are made restart Drive or reboot the server