Install DocIQ

The ability to install DocIQ office integration when Sync or Drive is installed is available in FileCloud Server version 18.2 and later.

DocIQ allows you to easily manage FileCloud options for a file directly in Microsoft Office applications.

To install DocIQ, you just need to update your FileCloud Drive software to the latest version.

Install FileCloud Drive


It's easy! Just make sure you have this:

Microsoft Office - Version 2007 or later

for Windows

Sorry, right now Microsoft Office for Mac OS is not supported. But stay tuned!

DocIQ is installed when you install the FileCloud Drive Client.

By default, the option is selected, so all you have to do is:

Install FileCloud Drive

To avoid installing DocIQ during Filecloud drive installation, please use the following installer option :


If you have the latest version of Drive and now want to add the DocIQ Integration, you just have to re-run the Drive installation wizard.

(lightbulb) You don't have to uninstall Drive first and you won't lose any account mapping configurations.

 Install FileCloud Drive

DocIQ is installed in the following folder:

program files(x86)/DocIQ