Install DocIQ

For users who begin using FileCloud in version 23.1 or users who have not used DocIQ previously: You will not see an option to install DocIQ when you install or upgrade FileCloud Drive. Instead, you will be given the option of installing FileCloud for Office.

Current FileCloud Drive users (DocIQ users)
: DocIQ is no longer supported. Later this year, DocIQ will be fully deprecated. Although you can continue to use DocIQ currently, we recommend using FileCloud for Office, which can be downloaded from the Office add-ins store. Now, when you upgrade FileCloud Drive, you are given the choice of using FileCloud for Office or continuing to use DocIQ. If you choose to use FileCloud for Office, please see the Using FileCloud for Office with Drive documentation.

DocIQ allows you to easily manage FileCloud options for a file directly in Microsoft Office applications.

Install FileCloud Drive


It's easy! Just make sure you have this:

Microsoft Office - Version 2007 or later

for Windows


DocIQ does not support Microsoft Office for macOS.  If you are a macOS user, install FileCloud for Office (FFO), which replaces DocIQ.

You may continue to use DocIQ when you update the FileCloud Drive Client.

Simply choose this option when you upgrade FileCloud Drive:

Install/Upgrade FileCloud Drive

DocIQ is installed in the following folder:


program files(x86)/DocIQ