Import NTFS Permissions to ServerSync

  When you initially import files into a FileCloud site, CodeLathe recommends that you also import existing NTFS permissions on files and folders.

  • After the files and folders are migrated, you can import permissions to retain the security on the files and folder.
  • This allows the administrator to manage permissions centrally using FileCloud and make them apply even on synchronized local folders.

(lightbulb)  Note that during permissions sync, the user name and group names specified in the NTFS permissions must exactly match the names in the FileCloud site.

(lightbulb) As of 19.2, FileCloud supports email addresses as qualified NTFS names.

(lightbulb) As of 19.2, NTFS permissions can be automatically synced. See the screenshot below

Any existing FileCloud folder permissions defined on the server side will be overwritten by the NTFS permissions after import.

To import permissions:

  1. From the system icon tray, right-click the ServerSync icon, and then select Settings.
  2. On the Settings screen, in the Import Permissions section, click Import.

    Note: You cannot import permissions from shared folders.
  3. In the Import Permissions window, click Select for Remote Folder.
  4. Select the remote folder that you want to copy permissions to.
  5. Then click Select for Local Folder.
  6. Select the corresponding local folder that you want to copy permissions from.

  7. On the Import Permissions window, click Import.
    A prompt asks you to confirm import and warns you that NTFS permissions will overwrite existing server side permissions.

  8. Click Yes if it is okay to overwrite the permissions on the server.
    The permissions are imported.