FileCloud ServerSync

Introduction to ServerSync

ServerSync Requirements:

  • Support for Windows only
  • Synchronized files must be on a physically attached disk to the machine running ServerSync
  • You cannot synchronize files located by a UNC or Network path

You can use FileCloud ServerSync to help synchronize a local Windows File Server with a FileCloud Server or FileCloud Online (hosted by CodeLathe).

Changes in the local Windows File Server are seamlessly synchronized to a remote FileCloud Server or FileCloud Online site. These changes include:

  • New files added
  • Edits to existing files
  • Files being removed

ServerSync can also optionally sync FileCloud's folder-level permissions.

  • The FileCloud permissions can be synchronized to local folders
  • These permissions are applied as NTFS Permissions

(warning) You must log in with the user account that is the original owner of the files for folder-level permission synchronization to work


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1. Log In to ServerSync

In order to complete the seamless synchronization of changes in a local Windows File Server to a remote FileCloud site, ServerSync must be able to log in to the remote FileCloud site.

How to Log In

2. Configure Folders to Sync

Add folders to the sync list.

Start Synchronizing Folders

3. Find Your Account Options

Find your way around the ServerSync application.

Show Me My Account Settings

4. Import NTFS Permissions

During initial import of file and folder data into FileCloud, it will also be useful to import existing NTFS permissions.

Import NTFS Permissions

5. Troubleshoot ServerSync

Use log files and manage file conflicts.

How to Check Log File Activity