FileCloud Server 18.1 Release Notes

Release Overview

Release Date: May 7, 2018

Release Type: Major

For more details on release 18.1 and earlier, see the FileCloud Release Notes page.

Release Summary

Metadata Support for Advanced Content Management

  • FileCloud offers a metadata feature that helps enterprises organize their files effectively, simplifying content discovery and improving overall governance.
  • Think of metadata as a set of additional descriptions to your files. For example, you can add custom metadata values such as ‘point of sales’, ‘website’, and ‘partner marketing materials’. Later, you can view only the files that are used for the website by filtering with the metadata attribute ‘website’.

Mobile App Enhancements

  • Multi-tasking support  (iOS 9+)  – Users can open and simultaneously use multiple apps side by side along with the FileCloud app.
  • Faster screen loading (iOS) – Instead of loading all the files, the app loads only small set of files that are currently viewed, resulting in less memory usage and faster loading.
  • Long-press to Cut/Copy/Paste (Android) – No more fumbling on the app with your fingers to perform cut and paste functions. A simple long press will trigger cut/copy/ paste.
  • Pull-to-refresh (Android) – Users can easily refresh the files/folders with a quick pull down and release action.
  • Android Material Design (Android)- The updated app follows Google’s new visual design framework (Material Design), creating a unified Android experience.

Advanced Search in Desktop Sync and Drive Apps

  • With the new update, users can do a full-text search on FileCloud files right from  FileCloud Sync and FileCloud Drive.
  • With a right click, the taskbar will show an option to search all the remote files and their content.
  • Additionally, users can use advanced search options to narrow down the search.