FileCloud Server 19.3 Release Notes


Release Date: December 19 2019

Release Type: Major

Patch Releases

New Features


Issues Resolved

Release Summary

FileCloud should use considerably less CPU power than previous versions. 

FileCloud Drive app now has a brand new modern user interface. This new user interface is available in Windows and Mac OSX.

FileCloud Sync and Server Sync now offer considerably faster file change scanning.

FileCloud Sync supports overlay and right click options on Mac OS X.

A new version called FileCloud Community Edition is now available. With the new FileCloud Community Edition, organizations and companies can now try out enterprise-grade cloud storage and file management for just $10 per year, with all proceeds going to charity. Community Edition comes with support for an unlimited number of limited web only users and most standard features included.

In total, over 336 issues were fixed in this release.

Upgrade to 19.3

New installation:

Installing FileCloud Server

Upgrading from any version to 19.3:

  • A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.

Upgrade Notes for FileCloud 19.2 to 20.3

Patch Releases


Issue: SimpleSAML admin page should only be accessible when SSO Log Level is set to DEV but it is also accessible when it is set to PROD.

Resolution: SimpleSAML admin page is no longer accessible when SSO Log Level is set to PROD.

Server19.3.3.6309CL-5067SMS Gateway integration is complete.

Issue: PHP simplesaml library upgrade causes certificates to be overwritten.

Resolution: Users must move certificates to a new folder before upgrading. See instructions at Setting Up and Configuring Certificates when Upgrading SSO


Solr indexing needs an option to limit the size of a file to be indexed.

Files larger than 10MB will no longer be indexed by SOLR.


Issue: Content search results in out of memory and timeout due to generic patterns.

Resolution: Product now uses PHP classification which fetches fewer terms and does not create as large a query.


FileCloud users can now enter a phone number and an email address when adding an external user.

Server19.3.3.6309CL-5483FileCloud administrators can now enter the system's local IP address to use a separate FileCloud policy with ICAP, 
Server19.3.3.6309CL-5730To further improve performance, FileCloud now performs catch-up classification via cron only with rules that have not been executed and on files that have not been classified.

Issue: Assigned metadata is not removed from a file that was classified by a CCE rule after the CCE rule is unassigned from the file.

Resolution: The assigned metadata is now removed when the CCE rule is unassigned.

Server19.3.3.6309CL-5843Administrators can now enable Two Factor Authentication using SMS OTP security codes for specific user agents by adding the key TONIDOCLOUD_TWOFA_REQUIRED_USERAGENT_LIST and user agents to cloudconfig.php.


Issue: Server Sync consumes excessive RAM when the app runs for 4 - 6 hours.

Resolution: App now runs for many hours without Server Sync using excessive RAM.



Issue: Solr throws an out of memory exception when manually running content classification on a folder.

Resolution: Out of memory exception no longer occurs.



Issue:  Solr indexing on a file greater than 1 MB fails when the document contains at least one immense term.

Resolution: Large text files are now indexed.



Issue: After the system moves files in network shares, the UI continues to display a message that the files are moving.

Resolution: Message is not displayed after files are moved.



Issue: When FileCloud deletes files on network shares it displays an incorrect error message that the files were not deleted.

Resolution: FileCloud no longer displays the incorrect error message.



Issue: When new Active Directory (AD) users log in, their accounts are not automatically created in FileCloud.

Resolution: New AD user accounts are now added to FC when the users initially log in.


CL-5564, CL-5571

Issue: When an electron drive is installed, users cannot log in with passwords that use special characters.

Resolution: Users can now log in with passwords that use special characters.



Issue: When CloudDrive2e is installed and multiple sessions are enabled, CloudDrive2e starts for an initial user but does not start for a second user who attempts to log in at the same time.

Resolution: Multiple sessions can now run using CloudDrive2e.



Issue: An error is thrown when a user installs a new electron drive build over an existing one.

Resolution: User can now successfully install a new electron drive build over an existing one.

Drive19.3.0.6180CL-5535 Changed electron drive's Dev Auth window to a drawer component to improve functioning.


Issue: When user clicks "Need Help" in Whitelabel application, screen displays FileCloud branding instead of custom branding.

Resolution: Now when user clicks "Need Help" in Whitelabel application, screen displays custom branding.

Server19.3.0.6014SimpleSAMLphp module upgrade from 1.16 to 1.18.3

SimpleSAMLphp module was upgraded from 1.16 to 1.18.3

FileCloud installations using SAML SSO can be subject to  XML Signature Wrapping (XSW) attack in SimpleSAMLphp. Read Security Advisory here.

Server19.3.0.6014API security fixes to set SMS 2FA phone number and Resend 2FA code

API security fixes to set SMS 2FA phone number and 2FA code

FileCloud installations that have SMS based 2FA enabled does not have any validation when setting a phone number for a user account. Read Security Advisory here

New Features


FileCloud Community Edition

 Admins can read more about FileCloud Community Edition.

FileCloud Community Edition is a new version of FileCloud Server. For just $10 per year, organizations can run their own on-premise storage, sharing, and sync systems in both Linux and Windows operating environments.

DriveModern User Interface for FileCloud Drive

 A new modern user interface is now available for FileCloud Drive. This interface is available for FileCloud Drive on Windows and Mac OS X.

ServerPermissive mode in Smart DLPSmart DLP's new Permissive mode allows control actions to proceed with just an audit entry added to the log.
ServerCAPTCHA support for password protected sharesImproved security for password protected shares to prevent brute force attacks.
ServerSyncBandwidth controls for ServerSync file transferBandwidth used by ServerSync can now be configured according to the user's requirements.
SyncFinder now shows right-click options and file status overlay icons in MacOSXSync for Mac OS X now supports overlay icons and right-click options,


Reference NumberModuleFeature NameDescription
CL-5138ServerReduced CPU usage on a server with FileCloud installedInternal improvements have been done to improve overall CPU usage by FileCloud.
CL-5108ServerImprovements to the new move/copy dialogMajor usability improvements have added to the copy and move dialog.
CL-5275Sync / ServerSyncImproved scanning time for file changes by using multi threaded scanningIn sync folders, file changes are now detected much more quickly.


Improved DLP rule violation reporting in the Admin dashboard

A running count for the number of DLP rule violations is now present on the Data Governance dashboard. The count indicates all DLP violations that have occurred within the past 15 minutes.

CL-4097ServerBetter file names for downloaded ZIP files

When downloading multiple files or when downloading full folders, the resulting ZIP file will be named according to the following format:


The timestamp is generated and arranged according to the following format: year|month|day|hours|minutes|seconds

CL-5149ServerBetter Content Classification SupportSmart Classification (CCE) now supports complete word phrases, which can include spaces inside these phrases.
CL-4643Admin User Deletion confirmation toast notificationWhen deleting a user, a small toast notification appears when the process is completed, confirming the deletion.
CL-4647ServerAllow exporting FileCloud file listings into CSV format

Admins and users can now export a file list in CSV format using the new '-c' parameter. The exported file list will be stored in the path specified by the '-d' parameter.

The designated CSV file name must include the '.csv' extension.


c:\xampp\php\php.exe exportfs.php -d <to path> -u <user> -p <from path> -h <hostname> -r realRun -c csvFileName.csv

Read more about exporting files and folders.


Improved Team Folder Management

Admins can now rename team folders in the admin portal.
CL-4052AdminImproved reporting of total files and folder count in a given folderFrom the admin portal, admins can now run a new report to retrieve the number of files in a folder.
CL-5283ServerFaster renaming and moving of large folder hierarchiesOperation speeds for renaming and moving files have been significantly improved.
CL-4206ServerNotification emails for share expirations now contain more detailsWhen a share is about to expire, an email will be sent with detailed information about the share, including the remaining number of days of availability and a direct link to the shared file or folder, so that it is easier for users to adjust the share settings.
CL-3376ServerNew workflow supports automatic removal of Public sharesUsing Workflows, admins can now automate the removal of public shares in situations where the shares have not been accessed for a particular period of time (e.g. 3 months, 1 year, etc.)
CL-4482ServerAuto-generated Share passwords are now more complexFor password-protected shares, automatically-generated passwords are now more complex, including lengths greater than 8 characters, capitalization of letters, and special characters.
CL-5145SyncAllow Sync backup to skip files that are in useThe "skipinusecheck" config is now applicable to backup folders as well. 
CL-5074DriveUsers can choose to skip sending deleted files to the recycle bin

To avoid filling up the local machine recycle bin, users can now choose to skip sending files deleted in Drive to the recycle bin.

CL-4760ServerMetadata names with leading or trailing spaces are now automatically trimmedSpaces from the beginning or ending of metadata names are trimmed automatically. 
CL-5299ServerLinkMore robust communication via ServerLinkServerLink transfer of data now handles invalid characters that could have previously stopped the synchronization.
CL-5069ServerAdmin can control file listing view options for usersThe listing can be list or grid.

Issues Resolved


Reference NumberModuleDescription
CL-5558ServerSimplesamlphp module upgrade from 1.16 to 1.18.3
CL-5553ServerAPI security fixes to set SMS 2FA phone number and Resend 2FA code


Admins can now directly change the email address in the Set Team Folder Account dialogue when setting up team folders.



Issue: Users would be not removed from Available User list when added to a group.

Resolution: Users now disappear from the Available User list when added to a group.



Issue: Hidden files and folders would not sync despite the "allowedfilelist" in the config file containing *.*

Resolution: Hidden files and folders now properly sync when the "allowfilelist" contains *.*



Issue: Retention policies would not accept paths containing spaces.

Resolution: Policies now accept paths containing spaces.



Issue: Workflow activity was not displaying information for file/folder moves

Resolution: File/folder movement activity is now noted in workflow activity reports.


Issue: Admin users could not login if user name contained characters besides lowercase letters.

Resolution: Admin users can now login regardless of case used, including mixed case (e.g. ADMIN, admin, and ADmiN are all valid logins).


Issue: SSO Login would ignore selected mount points/letters in FileCloud Drive upon login (e.g. selected mount point of W: would change to Z: after login).

Resolution: Selected mount points/letters are retained when using SSO Login in FileCloud Drive.


Issue: If a user's Active Directory password had been changed, Sync's auto-login feature would lock out users after 2 attempts to login using the user's former password.

Resolution: Autologin has not been completely removed since it is required in Sync app. However, the frequency of auto-login is reduced. For example, if the sync frequency is set to 30 seconds, a "Login failed" message will now be displayed every 10 minutes (e.g. 30 seconds * 20), as opposed to occuring every 30 seconds. 


Issue: In FileCloud Online installations, users could potentially lock themselves out of an admin account if the associated email address was deleted before being replaced by a valid email address. Should the user try to reset the admin password, they will be unable to do so because the reset link would be sent to an email address the user can no longer access.

Resolution: An informative message is displayed that instructs users to contact Support directly in order to reset their admin password for FileCloud Online.


Issue: In publicly shared folders, images would not properly rotate in Preview.

Resolution: Images now properly rotate.


Issue: In audit logs, all actions performed by a promoted admin account were attributed to user name "admin".

Resolution: The username of the promoted admin account that performed the action is now displayed in audit logs.


Issue: AD Group Import would allow importing usernames with special characters.

Resolution: AD Group Import disallows usernames with special characters 

Examples of blocked AD usernames: Björn, Łucja, Océan, Arnoštek


Issue: No entry was created for folder creation or empty folder upload actions in audit logs.

Resolution: All folders now appear in audit logs regardless of whether or not they contain any files.


Issue: In the skipped file section of Activity tab, the list contained all skipped files regardless of whether or not they were user-generated, such as .DS_Store and Thumbs.db files.

Resolution: On Mac OS systems, files with names such as .DS_Store and Thumbs.db will be ignored by Sync as usual, but will no longer appear in the skipped file section of Activity tab.


Issue: CCE would classify non-live versions of files upon executing a rule on-demand, leading to situations where certain file versions were needlessly classified.

Resolution: Only live files receive classification when CCE rules are executed on-demand.


Issue: For installations using Google Authenticator, some login boxes would be labeled with some mention of Google,

Resolution: All mentions of Google are now removed from login boxes. Login boxes now use a generic "Authenticator" or "Authenticator App" labeling.


Issue: When attempting to recover a password, differences in UI messaging could confirm or deny the existence of a particular user, leading to a security risk.

Resolution: Password recovery messaging is now consistent in all cases, regardless of whether a user exists or not.


Issue: If a user was attempting to access a folder for which they only had read and download permissions, they would not be able to see comments on the sidebar.

Resolution: Comments now appear in the sidebar for these users


Issue: In case of NTFS network folders with real-time syncing (automatic) enabled, the entire folder structure (without the files) would be downloaded even if the user did not have NTFS permission for some or all of the sub-folders.

Resolution: Only those folders and sub-folders for which users have access (e.g. with NTFS permissions set up) will be downloaded.


Issue: When syncing a Network Folder, the Sync status would display the status for subfolders and files, but would not indicate the main folder name.

Resolution: Sync status now indicates the name of the main Network Folder being synced.


Issue: Search would fail or self-terminate when searching for terms containing  [,] or {,} characters.

Resolution: Search no longer fails when looking for terms containing [,] or {,} characters. Characters can be escaped with a backslash in Solr queries.


Issue: WOPI editing caused some files to be marked with erroneous edit dates.

Resolution: WOPI editing file modification dates are now accurate.


Issue: Share activity for single files would not be displayed in the Share Activity dialog window.

Resolution: Share activity is now properly documented for all files and folders.


Issue: The security tab for subfolders of Team Folders disappears if the subfolder is selected by the user, but would reappear if the subfolder was deselected or entered.

Resolution: The security tab for subfolders of Team Folders now remains visible in all circumstances.


Issue: For some images with undefined shutter speed or negative-value metadata for shutter speed, an incorrect value would be displayed in image metadata.

Resolution: The text "NaN" (not a number) is now displayed for images with undefined or negative-value shutter speed metadata.


When editing files with Office Online, user agents are now universally marked as "MS Office Online" in audit logs.


Issue: Certain shared files would not appear for user names containing capital letters (e.g. JohnSmith, Engineeringteam, MGMT).

Resolution: Shared files and folders appear for all users, regardless of case used in user name.


Issue: The default unit for file size was GB, making it difficult to determine a file's exact size if it was smaller than 1 GB.

Resolution: By default, file sizes are now indicated in MB.


Issue: Smart DLP would allow downloading of empty folders.

Resolution: DLP rules now strictly apply even if the folder is empty.


Issue: Uploads would fail when file names contained special characters.

Resolution: Uploads of files with names containing special characters are now accepted.

Example: josé_mourinho.pdf, Отчет о продажах.xls, الوضع الهندسي


Issue: Enum metadata (values) did not support special characters such as '&' or '$'.

Resolution: Special characters are now supported in enum metadata.


Issue: Name search would not function properly for search terms with special characters. The search would either fail completely, or continue to run without termination.

Resolution: Search now functions properly when searching for file names containing special characters.


Issue:  In some multi-tenant sites, Smart Classification (or CCE) would not function properly. Classification would either not function at all, or the engine would try to use the core site's content search settings.

Resolution: Smart Classification now functions identically in both FileCloud Online and On-Premise installations.


Issue: When opening Sync for the first time (e.g. for new users or new accounts), file names containing two periods (e.g. "reports..pdf") would not sync properly.

Resolution: Files with names containing two dots now sync properly.


Issue: When running a Job on a backup server, the CLI would not indicate the current status of the Job.

Resolution: CLI now displays the current job status.


Issue: In instances where SSO usernames differed from AD account namers, the use of the TONIDOCLOUD_SAML_REPLACE_USERACCOUNTNAME_FROM_ADLDAP flag would generate SSO usernames containing only a single letter.

Resolution: SSO usernames generated by the aforementioned flag should now mirror the original AD account username.


Issue: When searching by file content, search results would include file metadata and thumbs. In other cases, network folders would appear in search results for a content-only search query.

Resolution: File metadata no longer appears alongside file content during content search. Also, network folders (external storage) no longer appear as results during content-only searches.


Issue: Admins could not upload profile photos for users.

Resolution: Admins can now upload, change, or remove profile photos for users.


Issue: In the admin portal, team folders deleted files were displayed without sorting.

Resolution: The deleted files are now displayed and sorted; sorting is descending according to most recently deleted files.

CL-5071ServerFileCloud on Windows now uses Solr v8.3
CL-4234ServerAdmins now have the ability to change the binding IP for Mqworker
CL-4046SyncImproved compatibility of Sync app in Ubuntu 18.10. The Sync app is now available as a desktop app, and dependent libs are installed automatically. 
CL-3996ServerNew share report allows exporting effective user share permissions.
CL-4641ServerNew workflow options to skip files that are recently accessed from being deleted.
CL-4857ServerNew setting to hide regular login page completely when using SSO
CL-5311ServerImproved Smart Classification CCE pattern matching support, including Fuzzy Search, Proximity, Boolean Operators & Range Queries.
CL-3998ServerLimited users can still be added to FileCloud even if the license usage is at 100%.
CL-5125ServerFiles in expired shares are now deleted when "Delete Files from Expired Shares" is enabled.
CL-5004ServerDesign updates for the email that is sent for new user creation and/or when their account type is changed.
CL-4897SyncNotifications for new versions and error conditions (e.g. upload failed, lock failed, etc) are displayed even when notifications are disabled
CL-4205ServerA fix was introduced to enable ServerLink client start up script to run on Linux.
CL-5137ServerFileCloud now supports non-default ports when using redirect URLs from SSO.
CL-5320ServerFileCloud now supports new file creation when using Collabora.
CL-3702ServerThere is now a new search option to always retrieve fresh search results instead of using cached results
CL-5066ServerAdmins can now disable the ability to create private shares to groups
CL-4479ServerFile Query reports can now take an optional path parameter.
CL-3681ServerAdmins can now view the time when a user accepted terms and conditions.
CL-5308Server.htaccess files for FileCloud now allow quick ways to verify Let's Encrypt SSL support
CL-5076SyncSync now shows how long each network folder and backup took to sync completely
CL-4892ServerA more user-friendly error message is now displayed when a DLP rule is violated.
CL-5377ServerSolr no longer throws a ZeroByteFileException if it encounters a 0 byte file during search.
CL-5146ServerSmart DLP now supports improved search using pathContains and pathMatches.
CL-5034ServerShare dialogues now show count of users and groups in the tab.
CL-5082ServerRemoved dangerous workflow options for moving a file when a file system object is created or removed.
CL-4735ServerSmart DLP reports the number of violations of each rule.
CL-5024ServerIn S3 and Azure shares, children folders with the same name as parent folders would have their names truncated (e.g. child folder Test Results with same name as parent folder Test Results would be renamed Test). This no longer occurs.
CL-4822ServerUser share reports would not include results from a provided path. This no longer occurs.
CL-4879ServerShow user details for previous versions in Network Folders
CL-3802ServerOptional configuration to disallow deletion of Audit logs by Admin.
CL-4050ServerAdmins can now easily Unlock all files directly from the admin portal.
CL-4559ServerAdmins can now change TOS and force all users to re-accept TOS.
CL-5050ServerICAP file scans are now logged in Audit.
CL-5327SyncIncreased efficiency of file transfers for large files by increasing the chunk size to 20 MB each.
CL-5387Server2FA emails are always sent regardless of settings, or despite the user being on a "do not email" list.
CL-5337ServerA fix was introduced for the loading indication when all available users are selected in user selection dialogues in admin portal.
CL-4668ServerA fix was introduced for an unresponsive UI when changing permissions of a share to view only.

For offline backup, Sync now runs backup for folders and files with the oldest backup date. This ensures a better opportunity for all network folder and backup jobs to run.


engineering_report.pdf was last backed up on January 1st, whereas sales_meeting.docx was last backed up on February 1st. In this case, Sync will first run backup for engineering_report.pdf.

CL-5126ServerCSRF errors are no longer thrown when downloading an attached file from a .eml file.
CL-5009ServerUI fix for the upload button, as it was missing in the mobile browser view for public shares.
CL-5056ServerLinux upgrades no longer overwrite /var/www/html/resources/templates.
CL-5101ServerSyncNew configs allow for syncing of Windows link (.lnk) files.
CL-3670ServerNew options to filter rename/move operations in Audit were added.
CL-5271ServerWith certain settings, user session timeouts would not occur. There is no longer a minimum amount of minutes for user session timeouts; admins can set user timeouts to occur after 1 minute of inactivity.
CL-5461SyncSSO login with some servers has been improved; the feature should function identically for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.
CL-5237ServerTimeout waits when starting up Solr have been increased.
CL-5491ServerUI fixes have been added for errors that were occurring in the AD Group Members import dialog.
CL-5193MobilePreview of Office documents on iPads now functions properly.