April 5, 2021

Patch fixes these issues.
ServerADCL-8149For AD configuration, when a period instead of a comma is inserted in AD Base DN, and Get Email ID is clicked when testing the configuration, the user's password is displayed in the log when it is set to debug mode. This has been fixed.
ServerActivitiesCL-8550Due to a vulnerability in Solr, the version of Solr has been updated to 8.8.1 in FileCloud's Windows and Linux installers and upgraders. See Advisory 2021-04 Security Issues in Apache Solr for more information.
ServerDriveCL-8360A problem causing Drive to take excessive time reading the locks on files has been fixed.
ServerICAPCL-8306The hostname is now included in ICAP response headers.
ServerPoliciesCL-8170The method of migrating policies has been changed to improve performance.
ServerReportsCL-8136A problem causing the User Quota report in the dashboard to appear blank has been fixed.
ServerRetention policiesCL-8201An issue preventing retention policies from being applied has been fixed.
ServerStorageCL-8045Two new utility tools have been added to calculate storage usage and to find files missing from physical storage.
ServerLinkURLCL-8470ServerLink now uses a common share URL for all servers so that the URL will automatically point to an alternate server when necessary.
UIDownloadCL-8312Instead of showing a "page not found" message when a file that a user tries to download is locked, the user interface now indicates that download ipermission s not enabled.
UIMetadataCL-8158An issue causing search options to be omitted in the metadata search in the new UI has been fixed.
UIMobileCL-8178A problem preventing the upload button in the mobile browser from functioning has been fixed.
UIShare detailsCL-8174In the user portals Share by Me view, when the Share Details icon was clicked, an error occurred. This has been fixed.