FileCloud Server 20.3 Release Notes

Version      New installation: Installing FileCloud Server        Upgrade Notes for FileCloud 19.2 to 20.3   Note: A full system upgrade is required for all existing installations.


Dec 2020  vers. 20.3

Sep 2020  vers. 20.2

May 2020  vers. 20.1

Dec 2019  vers. 19.3

Sep 2019  vers. 19.2

Apr 2019   vers. 19.1

Sep 2018  vers. 18.2

May 2018  vers. 18.1

Latest MD5 release checksums

  • 6BC6B6B6BB88DF3C74483AFF8C58A14D
  • FileCloudSetup.exe 9F1F28429140BADCFE2EC621C350F639

  • December 2020 release of FileCloud (version 20.3) is now available.

Patch fixes these issues.
Patch fixes these issues.
Patch fixes these issues.
Patch fixes these issues.

Upgrade to access new, easy to navigate user interfaces and enhanced features. Here are some highlights of the release:

  • OCR support -  A new character recognition feature that enables searching for content in image and PDF files.
  • Metadata color tagging  - Enhancement that enables users to apply color tags to metadata. 
  • TLS 1.3 support -  Support for TLS 1.3 on all Windows, Mac OS, and Linux clients.
  • ICAP DLP -  ICAP DLP has been added as a provider for FileCloud's content classification engine, enabling it to flag files for blocking or deletion by DLP rules.
  • Theme settings - New settings have been added for customizing themes and more built-in theme choices have been added.
  • Mobile browser support - You can now access FileCloud's new interface through your mobile device's Web browser.
  • Sync and ServerSync mass conflict resolution - A new feature in FileCloud Sync and ServerSync enables users to resolve all conflicts at once.
  • Android app enhancements - New additions to the Android app include an in-app media player and metadata editing support.

OCR support

Now, Enterprise users and users with an OCR license can search for text in most image file types and PDFs.  OCR can also be used with content classification.

When OCR is enabled:

  • FileCloud's content search looks for matching strings in image and PDF files and returns those files as search results.
  • FileCloud's content classification engine (CCE) scans image files and PDFs for pattern-matching text so that they can be tagged with metadata for data leak protection along with files that contain text content.

See Enabling Solr OCR.

Metadata color tagging

In the user portal, users can now apply a color metadata tag to a file or folder from the file's context sensitive menu. 

Users can then search for files or folders by color.

Admins can add additional color tags to the default colors provided (red, yellow, green, aqua, blue and purple).

See Color Tag Metadata

TLS 1.3 Support

The TLS 1.3 protocol, which is more efficient and provides greater security than TLS 1.2, is now available for all FileCloud clients.   


ICAP DLP s is now supported in FileCloud and can be configured as a third-party provider for FileCloud's content classification engine.

Using ICAP DLP, admins can set up a content classification rule that flags files, thereby enabling DLP to prevent downloading or sharing of those files.
Rule configuration

Saved rule

Theme Settings 

FileCloud has new theme features, including built-in themes and theme customization.



See User Account Settings.

Mobile Browser Support

You can now access FileCloud's new user interface through your mobile browser as well as through its mobile apps. The browser version is fully responsive, making available all of the same features that you can access through your desktop.

FileCloud Sync and FileCloud ServerSync - Mass Conflict Resolution

In Sync and ServerSync, users now give uses the option of resolving all file conflicts with a single button click either locally or remotely.

See Managing Sync Conflicts

Android app enhancements

The Android app now includes an in-app media player that enables you to play video and audio files without leaving FileCloud, as well as a metadata editor with the same capabilities as the metadata tab in the user portal.

The new media player
Metadata editor


AreaFeature Notes

Custom Notifications

Custom notifications - Custom notifications are now available in the new FileCloud interface.

CL-7480DicomThe Dicom viewer for DCM files is now supported in the new FileCloud user interface.See Preview a File
CL-5070GroupsLimited users can now be added to groups. See Group Settings
Conflict resolution
A new mass conflict resolution feature has been added to FileCloud Sync and ServerSync.See Managing Sync Conflicts
CL-6736AD UsersAn option to send each AD user a welcome email when AD users are bulk imported has been added.  In addition, the ability to send an account welcome message to an AD user without resetting the password has been added.See Bulk Import User Accounts from AD Server and User Properties - Advanced Options
CL-7647Admin dashboardInstead of displaying one value for My Files items on the Admin dashboard, the Statistics box now displays the items as live and other (versioned). See Admin Portal Dashboard
CL-5030Admin usersThere is now an option for admin users to switch from the user portal to the admin portal.See Switch to Admin Portal
CL=7498AlertsAn alert now appears on the Admin dashboard if the message queue is not processing.
CL-6770APIThe API now returns raw sizes in number format only (in bytes) as well as formated size data that includes a number and a unit.
CL-5778Copy and moveFiltering and sorting by name and modified date have been added to the Copy and Move dialog boxes.
CL-5904CronThe Retention and Smart Classification pages now notify users of the last Cron execution date. In addition the Smart Classification page shows the last run date for each rule.
CL-6469DLPA new rule expression that checks if the IP address used to execute the action matches the given CDIR range has been added.See Rule Expressions
CL-6390DLPA feature for importing and exporting DLP policies, CCE rules, and metadata settings has been added.
CL-7537EmailA setting has been added that enables admins to specify a custom "reply to" email address.See Email Settings
CL-5819EmailAn option to add a user to the Do not email list is now available in the Email settings in the Admin portal.
CL-7663FCAPICoreFCAPICore now supports the FileCloud proxy setting.
CL-6791FoldersAdmins can now navigate in Team Folders using breadcrumbs.
CL-6947GroupsAn option has been added to export members of a group.

See Group Settings

CL-6148GroupsPolicies now include an option for preventing the EVERYONE group from being available for shares.
CL-6946LanguagesWhen the language is changed to Arabic, the user interface now flows from right to left.
CL-7375MetadataA new report that lists files that have metadata has been added.
CL-7829MultimediaPlayback of .m4v files has been added. Playback of .wav, .mp3, and .mp4 files is already supported.
CL-6891News feedCDATA sections are now supported in the news feed xml.See News Feed
CL-5675ReportsFailed system checks are now included on the admin Daily Summary report.
CL-6728ReportsAdditional columns have been added to the CSV download of the User Quotas report.
CL-6851ReportsA new report, Managed Storage File, Folder Count and Size has been added.
CL-7186ReportsUsers can export a list of files contained in a folder from the Folder Properties window.
CL-7210S3Users are now able to add a prefix to S3 network shares to create different paths within buckets.
CL-4156SecurityAdmins can add a "cookie same-site" setting that specifies whether or not cookies are sent to sites in other domains.See Improving Cookie Security
CL-7331SharesShare history now displays which users have been added to or removed from a share.
CL-6274SharesAdmins can now change the ownership of a Network Folder or Team Folder reshare.
CL-7398SIEMA property that enables SIEM logs to distinguish which site a request goes to is now available.
CL-7476SIEMA property that stores record id is now available.
CL-7604ThemesAdmins can now add a logo for dark themes. 
CL-6389ToolsThe Email Template Tool has been added to import email templates into FileCloud and to export them.
CL-6329Users listIn the Admin portal, the Users list can now be filtered by default or SSO users.
CL-5898View onlyNow, when users open view-only documents in the JS Viewer, there are no buttons or controls that allow downloading of the file.

 VPATFileCloud is now in compliance with VPAT guidelines 1.1, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.2.5, 2.4, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 4.1.1, and 4.1.2
CL-7145WorkflowsNew workflows to send notifications to admins when users upload or download files greater than a specified size have been added.
CL-6748UsersThe configuration file setting for using natural sort order now applies to user lists as well as file lists. 

See Enabling Natural Sort Order Of User List

Sync and ServerSync

CL-6199Conflict resolutionModified and Size fields have been added to the Resolve Conflict dialog boxes. 
CL-6490LogWhen remote to local sync is configured, the message "SKIP NEW READONLY ITEM" appears in the logs. The message has been changed to "SKIP NEW READONLY ITEM (could be due to read-only permissions, or remote-to-local sync config)".


CL-7648SettingsDashboard settings now enable advanced users to configure settings that were previously only available through the configuration file. 

CL-7643Metadata syncA new setting has been added to disable metadata syncing.

Bug Fixes 

Reference NumberAreaDescription

CL-7070ActivitiesWhen files are renamed, the audit database lists "rename" but email and acitvity notifications list "delete" and "add."  "Rename" is now shown in all lists.

An issue causing automatic user creation to fail when an AD/LDAP user uses username for login has been fixed.

CL-7901ADA problem causing AD users to be imported with incorrect display names has been fixed.
CL-6440AdminThe proper error message was not returned when an admin attempts to create a user named "Admin". This has been fixed.
CL-7746AdminA problem causing the Admin to be logged out mid-session has been fixed.
CL-7607APIThe getaccessdetailsforpath API was returning details if a path did not exist. Now it returns an empty response XML.
CL-7531APIThe getstats API request now supports the GET method.
CL-7664APIA flag has been added to the fileexists API call to enable it to check for case-insensitive matches. See the API help.
CL-7518Audio filesThe new user interface now supports playing back M4A files.
CL-6387AuditThe audit log was not displaying details about changes admins made to user profiles. Which fields have been changed is now displayed.
CL-7726AuditA problem causing the Recent Access Locations widget on the dasboard to show locations of unauthenticated access has been fixed.

In local Network Folders mounted on the OneDrive/Azure folder with Directory Scraper enabled, files stored remotely were shown with a size of 0.

CL-7850BackupA problem causing the backup server to throw an error while storing items to the backup list has been fixed.
CL-7805BackupAn issue causing setup of a new RSYNC target on a Linux/CentOS backup server has been fixed.

A problem causing incorrect handling of network paths when Rsync was used in the backup server has been fixed.


Browser UIA problem preventing the filter box for files in the user portal from searching for the + character has been fixed. 
CL-7615Browser UIAn issue preventing a user from viewing files in the new UI has been fixed.
CL-7783Browser UIA sample upload form that could not be closed was appearing behind the share window. This has been fixed.
CL-7804Browser UI On 2FA login, focus was not appearing on the 2FA Security Code text box. This has been fixed.
CL-7687Browser UIWhen Internet Explorer 11 user tried to access the user portal, they were told to switch to the classic UI but could not. Now, when IE 11 users log in, they are automatically sent to the classic UI.
CL-7585Browser UIA problem preventing complete loading of the new UI after login has been fixed.
CL-6968CCESome PII search patterns were not being matched correctly in some Office docuents saved to PDF. This has been fixed.
CL-7165CCEIf a CCE rule was executing while it was being updated, the rule was marked unexecuted after the edit to indicate that the rule had to be rerun. This was confusing.  Now users are warned that the currently executing rule will abort if it is updated.
CL-7595Co-authoringAn issue preventing a second user from opening a file shared by a first user for co-authoring has been fixed.
CL-7894Custom linksA problem causing custom links to appear even if they were removed from the custom URL screen in the Admin portal has been fixed.
CL-5246Deleting The Web UI displayed a counter that prevented users from performing other actions when the system was deleting multiple items. The counter no longer runs on the UI so other actions can be performed.
CL-6512DownloadWhen a user could not download a file because downloads were disabled, the message implied that the file didn't exist. Now the message indicates that the download limit has been met.
CL-7575Edit in desktopA problem causing the Edit in Desktop option not to appear in the new UI has been fixed.
CL-5179EmailWording on templates for share emails has been updated.
CL-6640EmailThe Email template preview for the "Passowrd Expiration Notification Email" template was not working. This has been fixed.
CL-7420Expired sharesIn the classic UI, users were automatically removed from expired shares. Now, as in the new UI, they are not removed.
CL-7570FoldersWhen the language was changed from English, folders expanded in the navigation panel all displayed the four top-level folders below them. This has been fixed.
CL-7425GroupsThe Manage Group Members window was only able to display 10 members and could not navigate to the next page. This has been fixed.
CL-6002GroupsGroup Names now support Korean characters.
CL-7571Guest usersA problem causing Guest users to automatically be directed to the Shared with Me folder when they chose to view the dashboard has been fixed.
CL-7884ICAPA problem causing the ICAP interface to fail has been fixed.
CL-7599LanguageEach time the language setting was changed on the log-in screen, the newly selected language was appended to the previously selected language at the end of the URL. This has been fixed.
CL-7684LanguageA problem when language was set to Dutch, that was causing a share expiry date to return to Never after being set has been fixed.
CL-7803LDAPMultiple OU support has been added for LDAP authentication. 
CL-7468LockingAn issue preventing text and markdown files from locking when limited users opened them has been fixed.
CL-7733LoggingThe server log showed the password in plain text for a failed log-in attempt. This has been fixed.
CL-7515LoginA problem causing default admin and promoted admin logins to fail when the usernames were entered in mixed case has been fixed.
CL-7645LoginLimited users were able to create usernames with mixed case but could not log in with them. This has been fixed.
CL-7560LoginA problem causing 2FA login to fail if there was an upper-case character in the username has been fixed.
CL-7787Message QueueAn issue causing the message queue to work incorrectly if the server was using a different port than the load balancer, proxy, or firewall in front of the server has been fixed.
CL-5171MetadataMongoDB queries on metadata were not performing quickly. This has been fixed.
CL-7971Moving Moved files were listed as renamed in Email notifications. This has been fixed.
CL-6551Multi-tenantIn the Superadmin interface, the folder link for the default multi-tenant site was accessing the wrong site. The link has been removed.
CL-7474Network FoldersWatermarks were not working correctly on network share file previews. This has been fixed.
CL-4886Network FoldersIn Network folders, Upload limits were failing for large files that were uploaded that were uploaded in chunks. This has been fixed.
CL-4551Network FoldersWhen the name of a network share was changed, when limited users attempted to view the share, an error was returned. This has been fixed.
CL-7381NotificationsWhen a user edited and saved a file in a network share, the notification said the file was added instead of updated. This has been fixed.
CL-7573PreviewWhen files that had download permissions were previewed over Quick JS there was no print option. This has been fixed.
CL-7598PreviewA problem preventing preview of image files shared publicly with view+upload permission has been fixed.
CL-6495Proxy settingsProxy settings in the Admin UI were not working when the Admin UI was being upgraded. This has been fixed.
CL-7489Recycle bin

Restoring a team folder from the recycle bin failed if a folder with same name existed. This has been fixed.

CL-7416ReportsAn issue causing reports with a large amount of data to take too long to run has been fixed.
CL-6840ReportsA problem causing Arabic characters to render incorrectly in report download to Excel has been fixed.
CL-7495Retention policiesProblems causing copying or restoring files from the recycle bin to retain retention policies only meant for the recyle bin have been fixed.
In addition, move and rename is now allowed for files under Retention, Trash Retention, and Archival retention policies. 
CL-7844Retention policiesRetention and archival types of retention policies no longer block moves. See Create an Archival Policy and Create a Retention Policy
CL-7578S3Copy files from team folders to My Files was failing for customers who were using Digitalocean for S3 storage. This has been fixed.
CL-7532S3A problem causing thumb creation to fail on installatins with S3 has been fixed.
CL-6756Selecting filesIn Team Folders, when multiple folders were checked and a user clicked outside the folders, the folders are all deselected. This has been fixed.
CL-7550ShortcutsA problem causing a shortcut added by a limited user to be listed twice has been fixed.
CL-7520SolrSolr indexing was not working on a non-default site in a multi-tenant setup. This has been fixed.
CL-7562StorageWOPI onine edits were causing duplicate live files to be created. This has been fixed.
CL-6518Team foldersWhen multiple guests were added to a team folder share, the Misc Permissions pop-up for each guest shared with could not be closed. This has been fixed.
CL-7572TranslationsMissing translations in the Web user interface have been included.
CL-5760UsersWhen a limited user received an account invite with a share, and then created a new acct. and entered a password, the user was incorrectly required to enter another new password when logging in. This has been fixed.
CL-6716UsersUsers were being imported when invalid storage locations were set. This has been fixed.
CL-7586Video filesA problem enabling users to download view-only video files when they were playing has been fixed.
CL-5805WebDAVTimestamps on the same files in team folders appeared to be in different time zones in the Admin portal and in WebDAV. This has been fixed.
CL-7486Web editWhen files with special characters in the names were opened in Web edit, an error resulted. This has been fixed.
CL-7675WorkflowsPromoted Admin accounts were incorrectly marked as not being used in a certain number of days, and therefore were deleted. This has been fixed.
Drive and MacDrive
CL-7796AzureA problem preventing users from opening Azure cold and host files after upgrade has been fixed.
CL-6663DocIQDocIQ was not releasing the lock when a file was saved with a different name and the Office application was closed. This has been fixed.
CL-6117File creationThere was a lag when Drive created files in sub-levels of highly populated directories. This has been fixed.
CL-7637LoginWhen an SSO login failed, the log-in button became unresponsive. This has been fixed.
CL-7536LoginA problem causing auto-login in SSO to work incorrectly has been fixed.
CL-6759UIWhen a share was being created for a folder in Drive, and upload permission was not being given, the upload limit coud be changed. The upload limit no longer appears when upload permission is not given.

CL-58372FAA problem causing Sync to repeatedly send emails with 2FA codes to users has been fixed.
CL-7714LanguageIssues causing the client to reset the language to English whenever it is restarted and to display English for translations when a different language is set have been fixed.
CL-7610Navigation paneThe FileCloud 20.2 version of Sync does not show a navigation pane option under Quick Access in File Explorer. The option has been added.
CL-7622SecurityA Relocation Read-Only (or RELRO) flag has been added to the Linux Sync application for better security.

CL-7579Limited usersAn issue causing  FileCloud Online limited users to be logged out of the mobile browser has been fixed.
Outlook Add-in

  • The add-in crashed during drag and drop from email to FileCloud.
  • During a public share with a password, upload limit settings were disabled.
  • Files were not being removed from downloads folder after drag and drop from FileCloud to email.
These issues have been fixed.
CL-5376SharesAn issue that was preventing private sharing from working correctly in the Outlook add-in has been fixed.
Community Edition

CL-7760ADAD authentication was not available for users added in Version 20.2. It is now available for Version 20.3.

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