July 6, 2021

Patch fixes these issues.
DriveS3CL-8999In Drive, listing of files in S3 network folders was failing. This has been fixed.
DriveUploadsCL-8976Some files uploaded to Network Folders disappeared. This has been fixed.
MobileIOSCL-8948A problem preventing videos from playing in iOS has been fixed.
ServerBackupCL9005Backup jobs show failed status even when one file download fails; in this situation, an option to restore or manage downloaded files is now displayed.
ServerDownloadCL-9014An issue causing downloads to stop and restart when they reached 500 MB has been fixed.
ServerEncryptionCL-9173A problem causing encryption/decryption to fail after upgrade to version 21.1 has been fixed.
ServerHigh-contrast modeCL-9150The device authorization code was not visible in high contrast mode. The background color for the code box has been changed to make it visible.
ServerMessagesCL-9122When users signed up for an account, an inaccurate message appeared. The message indicated that an email with activation instructions was sent to the new account. Now the message indicates that an email will be sent to the new account when the Admin approves it.
ServerMove operationCL-9156When a user attempted to move files from a folder with many files, the wrong files were moved. This has been fixed.
ServerMQCL-8964The threshold time was intermittently causing failed alerts to appear for the MQ service when there was no failure; this has been fixed.
ServerNotificationsCL-9092A problem causing FileCloud to send duplicate notifications of file and folder changes has been fixed.
ServerNTFSCL-8892The user who edited an NTFS Network Folder was being assigned as the owner. This has been fixed.
ServerPDFCL-9019Printing PDFs using jsPDF was not working. This has been fixed.
ServerPHPCL-8987When the same-site cookie attribute was set an internal warning caused an immediate logout. This has been fixed.
ServerRecycle binCL-9057After a recycle bin was emptied, deleted orphaned files and folders were counted in the usage calculation.  An option has been added to the rmutil tool to prevent this. See Clear a Recycle Bin.
ServerSharesCL-9055An issue preventing switching a share to private when the setting "Public shares must be password protected" is enabled has been fixed.
ServerSharesCL-9182Preview of a view-only public share displayed a print button; now, the print button does not appear.
ServerSharesCL-9220A problem preventing admins from editing user shares in the Admin portal has been fixed.
ServerSSOCL-9106SSO login of a user to the Admin portal was failing. This has been fixed.
ServerUpgradeCL-9135A week or more after upgrade to 21.1, some sites were crashing. This has been fixed.
ServerUser Quota reportCL-9216A problem causing the Admin dashboard user quota report to include users from different sites has been fixed.
ServerVersioningCL-9038An issue causing file upload into Network Folders to fail when versioning is set to 0 has been fixed.
SyncRead-onlyCL-9013Read-only Sync in the latest version of FileCloud was not working. This has been fixed.