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Now you can also designate another user to manage those re-shares of your original shared file. 

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Image Removed Image Added As a private share owner, you have the ability to allow others to manage re-sharing in the following ways:

    • View and manage re-shares - This means managing shares created by other users from your shared files
    • Assign managers to view and manage re-shares -  This means allowing others to manage shares created by other users from your shared files, including removing permissions and users from the share

How To Allow Managing of Re-Shares

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(warning)  Managing re-share permissions can be granted to a user who already has the following permissions:  


  1. Open a browser and log on to the User Portal.
  2. On the left navigation panel, click Files.
  3. Open the folder you want to share.
  4. If the folder is already being shared, in the Details pane on the right, in the Sharing section, click Manage, and then skip to step 8.
  5. If the folder is not yet being shared, in the Details pane on the right, in the Sharing section, click +Share.
  6. On the Confirm dialog box, click OK.
  7. On the Share Link dialog box, click Advanced Options.
  8. On the Manage Share for Folder window, in the Share Permissionspanel, select Allow Selected Users/Groups.
  9. To add a user, select the Guest  tab and then click Add Guest.
  10. To add a group, select the Group tab and then click Add Group.
  11. On the Search screen, type in the user's or group's account name.
  12. In the Share Notification dialog box, review the email to be sent to the selected user or group, and then click Send
  13. In Share Permissions, select the following level of permissions: Allow View, Allow Download, Allow Upload, Allow Share.
  14. In Share Permissions, under Misc., select the edit icon Image Removed Image Added.
  15. On the Miscellaneous Permissions dialog box, select Allow Manage, and then click Save.
  16. Optionally you can select any of the other permission checkboxes.
  17. To save your changes, click Update

Managing Re-Shares

After you allow a user to manage re-shares, they will see the following icon

in their dashboard on the Shared with Me file list:

The user will also be notified of activity on that same screen in the Details panel:

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The above screenshot shows that you are a manager for 2 shares:

  • cars folder
  • test123 folder

Although the food folder has been shared with you, you are not allowed to manage it.

In the Details panel in the next column, in the Sharing section, you can see:

  • You have shared the Cars folder with 2 other users.
  • The user satad shared this privately with you first
  • The user satad allowed you to manage re-shares

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