You can share a file with a user who has a FileCloud account.

This is called a Private share. 

  • Private Sharing means you are only allowing users with a FileCloud account to access your file.
  • You can add Users and Groups.
  • You will be able to lookup email addresses, add them as a Guest, and then send them an email with the link. 

That means when you privately share a file, you can leave the default settings in:


  • ExpiresNever Expires
  • Restrict Downloads = No Restrictions. This allows any user to download a file an unlimited number of times. 
  • Email File Change Notifications = YES.  This sends an email notification when a file is opened or downloaded for a public share.
  • Enable Password Protection = NO. This allows a user to access a file without first providing a password.

However, you must make changes in:


  • Allow Selected Users/Groups = selected. This allows you to specify which FileCloud users and groups can access the file and their permissions, as shown in Table 1. 

Table 1. Permission options for private shares



Allow ViewRead access will allow users to view, browse or download files,
Removing view access will remove the user from the share completely.
Allow DownloadThis will allow the user to save the file
Allow Share
  • Allows the user to share your file with other users.
  • Sharing access can be provided only if View and Upload access are already provided.


    Watch a video on creating a private share.

To share a file with existing FileCloud users:

  1. Open a browser and log in to the User Portal.
  2. In the User Portal, click My Files.
  3. Select the file you want to share.
  4. Click the Share button.
  5. In the Share Link dialog box, click Advanced Options.
  6. On the Manage Share dialog box, in Share Permissions, select Allow Selected Users/Groups.
  7. To add a FileCloud user, select the Guest  tab, and then click Add Guest.
  8. In the Search Users dialog box, type in the user's account or email address, and then click Search
  9. Select the user who you want to share with.
  10. In the Share Notification Email dialog, you can edit the contents of the email and then click Send, or to not send the email, click Cancel.
  11. On the Manage Share dialog box, in Share Permissions, select the guest you just added.
  12. To set permissions, check any of the following options: Allow View, Allow Download, Allow Share.
  13. To save your changes, click Update
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