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Before completing the following procedures, configure Apache Web Server. See SSO Configuration Steps, Step 1 on the page SAML Single Sign-On Support for configuration instructions.

This article describes how to integrate OneLogin as an SSO provider with FileCloud.

FileCloud: Enable SAML

Add the following alias directive in the apache configuration to enable simplesamlphp folder.

Add the following line to the apache configuration file.

Alias /simplesaml "<PATH TO FileCloud WEBROOT>/thirdparty/simplesaml/www"

Where "<PATH TO FileCloud WEBROOT>" refers to WEB ROOT Folder where FileCloud is installed.

Following are the typical entries in Linux and windows, but can change if the FileCloud is installed under a different WEB ROOT Folder.


Open the c:\xampp\apache\conf\extra\httpd-filecloud.conf config file

Add the following line at the end of the config file (httpd-filecloud.conf)

Alias /simplesaml "/xampp/htdocs/thirdparty/simplesaml/www"

Save the file and Stop and Start the Webserver from the FileCloud Control Panel.


Go to /etc/apache2/sites-enabled/000-default.conf

Add the following line within <VirtualHost *:80> for HTTP connection or <VirtualHost *.443> for HTTPS connection. You can place it under the line DocumentRoot /var/www/html

Alias /simplesaml /var/www/html/www/thirdparty/simplesaml/www --→ (Ubuntu 16.04 and higher versions)

Alias /simplesaml /var/html/www/thirdparty/simplesaml/www --→> (Ubuntu 14.04 and lower versions)

Restart the apache webserver. /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Pre-requisite: mcrypt module must be installed on the FileCloud Server. In Windows, it should be installed by default. In Linux, if mcrypt is not installed, it must be installed

OneLogin: Create App Connector

  1. Login into OneLogin web UI
  2. Click on Apps → Add Apps
  3. Search for "saml test connector" and select the sample connector named "SAML Test Connector (IdP)".

  4. In the add screen, enter a name to the connector. For example, something like "FileCloud Connector". Click "Save".
  5. Open the created connector and switch to "Configuration" tab.
  6. Assuming your FileCloud URL is "", fill the following values in the configuration tab.

  7. Once the configuration tab is completed, switch to "Parameters" tab.
  8. Add the following four parameters:

    Field nameFlagsValue


    Include in SAML accertion

    First Name


    Include in SAML accertion


    snInclude in SAML accertionLast Name
    uidInclude in SAML accertionUsername

  9. Save these changes. Once the save is complete, switch to SSO tab.
  10. In the SSO tab, note "Issuer URL".
  11. Download the metadata file from "More Actions" → "SAML Metadata".
  12. Finally, add users to the newly created "FileCloud Connector" either individually or as group.

Integrate FileCloud with OneLogin SSO

  1. Login into FileCloud admin UI.
  2. Navigate to Settings → SSO tab.
  3. Select default SSO type to be SSO.
  4. Use the following table to fill the SAML configuration.

    SAML SettingsValue

    IdP Endpoint URL

    "Issuer URL" noted in the previous section in OneLogin SSO tab

    IdP Username Parameter

    IdP Email Parametermail
    IdP Given ParametergivenName
    IdP Surname Parametersn
    IdP Meta DataCopy and the paste the contents of SAML metadata from OneLogin web UI.

  5. Save the changes

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