Security Checklist: 6 Secure File Sharing

Make sure users set up shares securely so that only authorized recipients can access shares and perform those actions that are granted to them. 

Share permissions and options

Private shares are only available to specified users and groups and allow share creators to assign a range of permissions - view; download; upload; share; sync; delete; and manage - to each user or group. As a best practice, users should only assign share recipients the permissions they need to complete their tasks.

Share options enable users to add extra security by setting expiration dates on shares, limiting the number of times a share can be downloaded, and sending email notifications to share owners when shares are modified.

Users can view information about setting private share permissions and options at:
Private Share Options for Files
Private Share Permissions for Files
Share Options for Public and Private Folders

Admin Sharing defaults and limitations

Use administrator-set defaults and limitations to control how users configure their shares. 

For more information about setting share defaults and limitations, see:
Configure Sharing Defaults
Secure Shares
Set the Global Share Mode

Require Share Approval Workflow

Whether or not you require share approvals for your users depends on the content being shared, who the share recipients are, and your compliance rules.

For information about requiring and specifying share approval workflows for users, see Automated Workflow Management.
For information about creating a share approval workflow, see Share Approval Workflows.

Add DLP Rules that Control Sharing

Use FileCloud's Smart DLP to set up rules that control sharing actions based on file or folder metadata, share recipient's domains, and other information.

For information about using Smart DLP, see Smart DLP.

For examples of using DLP to control sharing, see:
Detect confidential documents with PII and allow internal shares only
Detect documents with US Social Security Number and allow sharing only with specific domains