Create FileCloud Users

You can control access to files stored in FileCloud by configuring permissions for user accounts.

  • Every user who has access to FileCloud storage must have an account.
  • Once a user account is created, it can be assigned different access levels.

In FileCloud version 20.1 and later, special characters from the extended UTF8 alphabet are supported in display names.

Administrators cannot create a user with an account name of admin or superadmin in FileCloud version 19.1 and later. 

  • In previous versions, an administrator could create a new user with an account name of admin or superadmin.
  • However, when a user opened a browser and tried to log in to the user portal with an account name of admin, the user was unable to log in and saw the following invalid username error:
    You are trying to login into user portal with admin account. CLFC-00035-00116

FileCloud has been modified to prevent an administrator from creating a user with the following names:

  • admin
  • superadmin

The administrator is sent an error that these names are not valid.