Workflow Automation

Introduction to Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation enables you to automate the steps in processes you complete regularly, such as document approvals or file archiving. Simply choose a trigger event that initiates the workflow, then select from a group of simple steps, such as moving a file to a new location or waiting for an approval. Add as many steps as required to complete the workflow and fill in values for folder locations, email addresses, and other parameters.

The following video introduces you to the process of creating an automated workflow. In this example, we use the Wait for Approval workflow action that requires a share to be approved before it is created.

For step by step instructions on creating a workflow, see How to Create a Workflow.

For a more detailed explanation of Share Approval workflows, see Share Approval Workflows.

The number of workflows you may create depends on the type of FileCloud license you have.

Now that you have seen how Workflow Automation is performed, view the following topics for more information about what you can achieve with Workflow Automation and for detailed steps for creating workflows.